The Chief Minister intervened and demanded the appointment of a Kannur VC; The Governor released the letters

Thiruvananthapuram: The Governor said that the Chief Minister had interfered in the re-appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of Kannur University. The Governor explained the controversy surrounding the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor by releasing copies of the letter sent to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister went directly to the Raj Bhavan to seek re-appointment. But he said he would apply pressure. The prime minister’s words were paid for by insistence. Although he has repeatedly stated that the appointment is not legal, he has obtained legal advice, including that of the Advocate General. He received legal advice unsolicited.

The Prime Minister also insisted that the appointment process should be avoided. As the pressure mounted, he sent a letter to the Prime Minister saying he could not continue as Chancellor. He sent the first letter to the Prime Minister on 8 December 2021. The answer to the letter was to remain in the position.

He had informed the Prime Minister that he was ready to leave his chancellorship. Why did he say this if he had some special interest. In the letter, the prime minister was informed that the ordinance would go ahead and that he would sign it immediately. Later came the letters. The top officials reached the Raj Bhavan and met him. The last letter came in January. The Governor said that the letter showed that he would continue as Chancellor and that the government would not interfere in the universities.

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