The Chief of the Information Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is placed on hand

This is the first time that a high-ranking officer at the level of a police officer has been appointed.
Special Edition, Lee Im-jae and Ryu Mi-jin called during the week
Yoon Hee-geun “I’ve never blamed the front line”
Firefighting union complaint “Lee Sang-min dereliction of duty”.

On the 14th, the National Police Agency placed Park Seong-min, head of the Public Security and Foreign Affairs Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, on hand for suspicion of deleting an intelligence report containing the content of ‘safety accident concerns’ by the Seoul. Yongsan Police Station. Regarding the Itaewon disaster, this was the first personnel action taken by a high-ranking official at the level of a police officer or above.

The Police Special Investigation Headquarters (Special Edition) summons and investigates the foreign affairs chief of public security information of Yongsan Police Station (chief of information), who is suspected of having deleted the report, this week. The special issue plans to call and investigate Director Park after the information manager’s investigation. In a messenger chat room where chiefs gathered information from frontline police stations, including Yongsan Police Station, Director Park said, “Delete the information report as prescribed in preparation for inspection and search and seizure,” and was brought under investigation .

In addition to the information chief of the Yongsan Police Station, Lee Im-jae, the former chief of the Yongsan Police Station, and Ryu Mi-jin, the former chief of personnel education at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, are being called in for investigation this week. On the day of the disaster, on the 29th of last month, the head of the 3rd situation team and the head of the 112 situation room in Yongsan-seo, who worked in the General Security Situation Room 112 of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, will be investigated also. The special inspection team of the police commissioned an investigation into the two persons that day. After analyzing the inspection data, the special issue intends to prosecute him as a suspect if the charges are identified.

In addition, the special issue confirmed that firefighters were due to work safely in front of the Hamilton Hotel from 6:00 pm on the day of the disaster in relation to the response of the fire authorities, and are conducting a related investigation.

The special edition completed the analysis of the written data obtained through the search and seizure, and the first confirmation of the video data was also completed. When the facts about the process and cause of the disaster, the preparations of each organization in advance, and the measures taken after the disaster have been completed, the special version will also confirm the legal responsibility to be applied to’ r Minister for Public Administration and Security. Lee Sang-min and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. The special issue said, “We are reviewing related laws, such as the Government Organization Act, to see if the Minister of Public Administration and Security has the authority to order and supervise the situational actions of the police.”

If Minister Lee is found to have legal authority to direct and supervise, charges of dereliction of duty or negligent homicide on duty are highly likely to be applied. In this regard, the firefighters’ union accused Minister Lee of dereliction of duty and negligence in office. The special issue said, “If a complaint is received, we will proceed with the relevant procedures and report the contents to the High-ranking Officials Crime Investigation Agency (air agency).”

Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun said in a written press conference that day, “It is absolutely not true that the responsibility for the accident is placed on the police.” In addition, he said, “I cannot agree” with the point that this disaster was caused by excessive police security work due to the relocation of the presidential office to Yongsan.

Correspondent Hong In-gi