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Original title: The Chilean veteran was abandoned, and Inter Milan was willing to pay 4 million euros for severance, but also unwilling to renew his contract 2 Reply / 0 bright

Inter Milan will try to clean out the veterans in the squad this summer, especially the Chilean midfielder Vidal. According to Italian media reports, Inter Milan will not renew the contract with the Chilean midfielder. Although Vidal can choose to extend the contract for one year, Inter Milan chose to pay him a severance fee of 4 million euros. Since leaving Barcelona to join Inter Milan in 2020, Vidal’s performance cannot be said to be particularly dazzling, but he is also worthy of the transfer fee paid by Inter Milan. At present, the Nerazzurri are already starting to build a new season lineup, and the two sides have discussed it. , Vidal is not in the plans of the Nerazzurri, and the two sides will part ways.

The soil super is the next stop or go to the MLS for gold

According to Turkish media reports, Galatasaray is interested in Vidal. They are willing to provide the players with an annual salary of 3 million euros. At present, many teams have thrown olive branches to Vidal. Galatasaray’s annual salary meets the players’ requirements. However, the two sides have not yet conducted substantive negotiations. Galatasaray hopes to bring the players to the club in the form of a visa-free form. Inter Milan is also willing to open the door to let the players go. As long as Vidal nods, this transfer will take shape.

In addition to the Turkish team, the American Major League also favors Vidal. The MLS team Miami International hopes to sign Vidal. Beckham, the club owner, personally invited him. Vidal participated in a previous charity match. Had a meeting with Beckham, who offered a $4 million contract and, not much different than Galatasaray.

However, the players may ask for higher salaries. He hopes that the current salary level can exceed that of Argentine striker Higuain. Higuain’s salary in Miami International reaches 5.1 million US dollars. Vidal believes that his strength is almost the same as the Argentine. Get a comparable salary. But Beckham probably won’t spend a fortune on it, and Vidal has received multiple offers, including from many clubs in South America.

The scandal between Boca Juniors and Vidal has been around for a long time. Boca Juniors has been negotiating with Vidal for many days. Riquelme, the vice-chairman of the team, said in a previous interview that Vidal is very suitable for the Candy Box Stadium. However, in an interview recently, Riquelme expressed that he could not introduce Vidal. He said that the team’s foreign aid quota was saturated and Vidal could not be registered.

Favored by giants in his life, his career is brilliant enough

Although the current Vidal can only go to the lower league, but his career is brilliant enough, there is no regret at all. As a high-level midfielder and versatile, Vidal has the ability to adapt quickly, and has excellent defensive awareness. He can play as a winger and a midfielder, and plays an important role in many giants.

From the time of Colo Colo, he was doomed to be extraordinary. He first entered the pharmaceutical factory, played well in Leverkusen, and was finally signed by the giant Juventus. Then he entered Bayern Munich, where he was killed in Bayern Munich. The Quartet was later introduced by Barcelona.

Then he arrived at the current Inter Milan club and helped the team win the Italian Super Cup. Vidal’s football career is perfect enough. If he can finally return to South America to play and retire, it will be the icing on the cake.Return to Sohu, see more


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