The Chinese Football Association launches a heavy salary limit policy

Original title: The Chinese Football Association launched a heavy salary limit policy

The Chinese Football Association held the Chinese Super League in Suzhou yesterdayjobsmeeting. At the meeting, the Chinese Football Association announced to the representatives of the Super League clubs the detailed plan for the “salary limit” of the Super League clubs. In the 2021 season, the total single-season expenditure of each club in the Super League shall not exceed 600 million yuan, of which it is used to pay for local players and foreign playersSalaryThe maximum expenditure shall not exceed 75 million yuan respectivelyRMBAnd 10 millionEUR, The maximum salary of local players is 5 million before tax, and the maximum salary of foreign aid is 3 million euros before tax.

The salary limit plan introduced by the Chinese Football Association yesterday includes the team’sTotal salaryRestrictions, player maximum salaries, etc., are almost the same as the previous rumors. The Football Association stipulates that under the premise of a “salary cap”, the maximum annual salary of local players is RMB 5 million before tax. The standard for the 2020 season is that the maximum salary of local players is 10 million yuan before tax, and the maximum salary of national football players is 12 million yuan. There was no annual salary limit for foreign players before. After this adjustment, the maximum annual salary is 3 million euros before tax.

In addition, the plan also stipulates that, in principle, the annual salary of U21 local players does not exceed 300,000 yuan before tax.Single seasonProfessionWith the exception of U21 players whose total playing time in the league plus the FA Cup has reached 900 minutes, their salary is not subject to the 300,000 yuan limit.

In order to ensure that the salary limit is implemented, the Chinese Football Association simultaneously introduced strict regulatory measures and increased penalties for violations. For example, the plan stipulates that if the total expenditure of a single season of a club exceeds the standard, and the excess ratio is less than 20%, 6 league points will be deducted, and 12 points will be deducted if the excess ratio is between 20% and 40%, and the excess ratio exceeds 40. %, will face a heavy penalty of up to 24 points deduction. In response to clubs’ single-season player salary expenditure exceeding the standard, the plan also made corresponding penalties. If a club’s single-season foreign aid salary expenditure exceeds 10 million euros or local players spend more than 75 million yuan, 9 league points will be deducted. . If the total salary expenditures of Chinese and foreign players exceed the standard, the club will be deducted 18 points.

To prevent yin and yangcontractBlack box operationIf players are paid in violation of the rules, the Football Association’s penalties include cancellation of league results and downgrade penalties. In response to player violations, the Football Association has also introduced corresponding countermeasures. If there are players who fail to declare their income as required, they will face heavy penalties of two years of suspension.Clubs must not be associatedthe companyDistributed to players or immediate family memberscashEqual pay.

This plan clearly stipulates that “player income” includeswageSecurities, Real estate, etc., but not includingbonus. Player income is unified as pre-tax salary.If a player signs a business contract with a third party, he needs to get the Chinese Football Association orAuthorizationThe organization determines that otherwise its income will be included in salary. However, these regulations only apply to players’ newly signed contracts.

(Source: Yangcheng Evening News)

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