The Chinese gang held the ransom for the Masters degree student in Ekkamai district, Nang Nok continued following the year. Because I know I have money

Notify 2 accuse Chinese gang holding ransom for Master degree student, Nang Nok continue to follow each other for years After knowing that the victim has money

of the case of 2 Chinese villains using scissors to kidnap tourists and a Chinese female graduate student with another female friend forced to ban the sound before tying his hands and blindfolding him to extort the property In a black Toyota Alphard van, get yuan. And crypto money from victims, more than 3.3 million baht from a restaurant in Ekamai district before leaving it in Min Buri district on March 16

Before the Police Investigations Department, many departments of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters jointly arrested and brought all 3 accused from the Sa Kaeo Province area while trying to flee the country

Progress at 10:30 am on March 19 at Thonglor police station, Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, deputy commissioner, together with Maj. Gen. Thawatkiat Chindakuansong, Pol. Col. Voraphot Rungkrachang, deputy head of the SSC. Pol.Col.Siranawit Intorn, Superintendent of Police Station No. 5, Pol.Col.Phansa Amaraphithak, Superintendent of Thonglor Police Station Pol. Lt. Col. Punnawich Akkanan, deputy superintendent of Thonglor police station. together to have a meeting after interrogating the accused throughout the night

The Maj revealed. Gen. Noppasilp that the incident happened on March 16 around 8:08 pm with a Chinese girlfriend Name Xiao Yi I don’t know my real last name. who are friends who have known each other for about a year

Then around 8:26 pm, a black Alphard van drove into the front yard, later around 9:53 pm, while the victim and his friend were walking out of the store. Friends of the victims tried to walk near the Alpard van. on the left side of the car and a man sitting in the car strangled the victim and the victim ran into the Alphard van with the victim’s girlfriend going in the car

The victim was blindfolded, his hands were tied, and his mouth was gagged. While on the car, the gang threatened to harm the victim. And forced the victim to transfer 200,000 USDT in crypto USDT, with the victim agreeing to transfer crypto for 8,014 USDT or about 2.7 hundred thousand baht and transfer about 250,000 yuan or about 1,240,788 baht in cash.

Then, on March 17, 2023, at 8:15 am, the villain asked the victim to contact his girlfriend to transfer money to the villain group. Later, the victim’s boyfriend transferred another 50,000 USDT cryptocurrency, or approximately 1.7 million baht, to the victim’s account imtoken application. When the money is credited to the account The criminal group used the mobile phone to continue transferring money without knowing the destination account. The attackers then deleted the victim’s fake app mentioned above and deleted all the pictures and chats in the Wechat app that had conversations between the victim and his relatives. in China before releasing the victim to the car in the Min Buri area

The victim then used his own mobile phone. Take pictures of the above place around 9:40 am, which later learned that Xiao Yi was also released. He then called a taxi back to the accommodation, on the way to send Xiao Yi. at Paragon Mall When the victim returned to the accommodation in the condo and reported to the investigator at Thonglor Police Station

After being notified, the investigative department went to the area thinking of following the villain until it was found that the villain had rented a van that caused the crime. Came from a car rental company, was hit by a group of gangsters, hired a person to rent a van caused by a van rental company at a price of 5000 baht per day, with the crew giving a salary to rent the car an additional 3000 Expected to baht per day to be rented between March 15-17, which from the investigation at this time has not found that the person being employed The renting of that van, including the van owner company, was part of this event.

After questioning the 3 accused, at this time, he still refused to give any statements to the investigators. But from the preliminary investigation, there was information that the criminals entered Thailand 3 times, the first time on May 24, 2022 using a tourist visa. Personally, a young friend who acts like a bird in this crime has become a friend and contact with the victim for about a year. We only contact them when the victim travels to Thailand. It is expected that the criminals know about the victims receiving large sums of money from the expropriation of land in China. So planning together and found that there was still an attempt to cause one incident, but the victim did not arrive as planned before the incident could happen on March 16.
To begin with, at this time, police investigators Thonglor has been accused of joint restraint with others and extortion.

As to whether there will be previous circumstances in causing this type of event? Still under further investigation And if any actions are found to be within the scope of additional crimes, the charges will be filed again.