The Chinese League One kicked off in early June, and the Northwest Wolves’ new season roster was released

The Chinese League One kicked off in early June, and the Northwest Wolves’ new season roster was released

2022-05-20 11:44:02Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The new season of the Chinese League One will start on June 10. 18 teams will compete in the three divisions of Tangshan, Nanjing and Dalian. On the evening of May 19, Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic Football Club announced the team’s roster for the Chinese League One in the new season. This 32-man squad includes 3 foreign players and 4 U23 players.

In the new season, the Shaanxi Changan Athletic Team is in charge of Wang Baoshan. The goal is to go all out to achieve good results. For this reason, the club has signed 11 new aids in the transfer market, including Dong Xuesheng, Han Xuan and many other domestic aids. Players with a Chinese Super League resume. Although only one new player has been introduced in terms of foreign aid, Dejaconu, who has experience in the Romanian national brand, has high hopes. He will wear the No. 10 jersey left by Onueb to compete in the Chinese League One. It is worth noting that when Wang Erzhuo and Huang Pu left the team, Wen Shuo became the only Shaanxi player of this Shaanxi Changan Athletic team. In the new season, his jersey number was changed from No. 11 to No. 21. The former number has been given to new aid Dong Xuesheng.

The 2022 season will be divided into four stages, with a total of 34 rounds. The ranking of the season will be determined according to the total points of the 34 rounds. The top three in the league will be promoted to the Chinese Super League in the 2023 season. In accordance with the host’s drawing of lots and the 2021 season’s results in a serpentine arrangement and grouping principle, Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic is placed in the Nanjing Division of Group B. In this group, there are also the host Nanjing City Team, Kunshan FC, Jiangxi North Gate, Qingdao Manatee, and Beijing Institute of Technology. According to the principle of priority for the host and strong teams, the top two teams in each group will be the seed teams, and the competition areas will not be rotated in the first three stages. Therefore, Shaanxi Changan Athletic will be fixed in the Nanjing Division for the first three stages of competition. The fourth stage will be rotated in accordance with the rules of the second to third stages. In the first stage, the same group of opponents will compete in this stage, and a total of 10 rounds of double-loop competition will be held. In this way, the fourth stage of Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic Games has the following teams in the same group: Shijiazhuang Kung Fu, Nantong Zhiyun, Nanjing City, Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic, Dalian People, Heilongjiang Ice City.Wang Rui, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

<!–enpproperty 65586622022-05-20 11:44:02:270王瑞中甲联赛六月上旬打响 西北狼新赛季名单出炉赛季,陕西,竞技,长安,阶段14549运动汇运动汇西安新闻网新赛季中甲联赛将于6月10日打响,18支球队将在唐山、南京、大连三个赛区进行分组赛。5月19日晚,陕西长安竞技足球俱乐部公布了新赛季球队征战中甲联赛的大名单。这份32人大名单,包括3名外援,4名U23球员。10/enpproperty–>

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