The Chinese version of “Island of the Dead 2” is released, this time Los Angeles will be closed | 4 Gamers

The well-known zombie killing game “Island of the Dead 2” released information about the Chinese version yesterday (28th). Danger and fun.

Dead Island 2 is a first person action RPG that is sleek, dynamic and full of dead bodies. The story describes a deadly virus spreading in Los Angeles, turning local residents into hungry zombies. The government immediately closed the city for isolation and control, and withdrew all troops.

The player character has not only been bitten and infected with a virus, but has also developed immunity and learned to harness the corrupting forces that flow through your veins. Only you and a few other subjects happen to be resistant to the virus, save the city of angels, the future of mankind. You fight for it.

You will uncover the truth of who and what you are as you discover the truth behind the viral causes.

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There will be a variety of ways to face different types of zombies in the game, and it also supports a cooperative mode for three players. The official is expected to announce a live broadcast online on December 7, Taiwan time, at which time the game will be revealed on the actual machine.

“Dead Island 2” is expected to be launched on PS4, PS5, XBox, PC (Epic Games) on April 28, 2023. This time, the pre-order bonus was released and included the physical deluxe version as well.

Dead Island 2 Pre-Order BonusDead Island - Hell LA Box Map GameIsle of the Dead - Hell LA Contents

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