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The Chinese version of the “communist” system: 12 features and weaknesses.

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Aksorn Sripanichasan, a Chinese economic expert, wrote an article on the Chinese version of the “Communist” system: 12 features and weaknesses as follows.

In this year Communist party of china (The Communist Party of China: CPC) has gone through hot and cold.100 years And take the reins to lead China, which was previously a poor country, to overcome various crises untilHow can it rise to become the great power of the world again? Dr. Aksripanichasan Chinese Economic Specialist from the Faculty of Economics Thammasat University analyzesSummary of 12 key features and weaknessesof“Communist” systemThe Chinese version is as follows

First Communist party of chinaNot obsessed with ideology Not a popularist party, but an emphasis on pragmatism Therefore, the market mechanism has been adjusted and applied to drive the economy. While the political regime is still a communist socialist To focus on maintaining political stability Economy and society Along with economic development

Second Communist Party of China Development “China’s own model” Do not peel foreign texts until the eyes swoon. But applied the Western economic concept and applied it appropriately and further Until being able to develop into a socialist system of Chinese identity known as Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Third The Communist Party of China emphasizesExperiment gradually (Gradualism) emphasizes the implementation of strategies without being rash. Do it gradually Focus on experimentation, step by step If it works then it will expand the results, if not successful, it will stop reviewing and removing lessons. Before adjusting to move forward as inDeng Xiaoping EraHave an experimentOpen special economic zones in the first 4 zonesTo try and apply market forces When it works, it can be expanded to other areas to cover all over China or inJinping era There is a trial of money Digital Yuan4 major cities before expanding to trial in 28 more cities in the provinces

Fourth Communist Party of China “Disrap”Itself to keep up with the modern era and focus on R&D, such as the adaptation of technology to organize the society of China. To correct the inappropriate social behavior of some Chinese people by eliminating the rating / rating. “Social Credit” and punished by using the Social Sanctions / Rewards measure under the Social Credit System that is widely discussed at the moment.

Number five Communist party of chinaDoes not act like an ostrichThat put the head in the dirt to escape the problem But will admit that There are still problems and prioritizing planning in preparing for such problems as admitting that there is still poverty in China andEnding War on Poverty by 2020

Sixth Communist party of chinaHave a leader with vision Think big, look far Look forward to Be steadfast and continuous China has a clear long-term strategy.One bar, one path (Belt and Road Initiative : BRI) That has been pushed since 2013 until today there are countries around the worldJoin BRI from over 70 countries. It is analyzed that China will rule the world silently with BRI.

Verse seven The Communist Party of China realizes that The existence of the Communist Party must come from justifying its tangible results.“Listen to” the concerns of the peopleAnd solve problems according to the needs of the people, for example, realizing that corruption will make the people upset and may be a condition for the Chinese people to protest the government. Chinese leaders in the Xi Jinping era therefore focus on suppressing corruption seriously. And focus on serving the people People must come first (Renmin Di Yi)

Article eight Communist party of chinaIt cultivates the Chinese people to be proud of their country and to love their lives. In order to hold the mind to the love and unity of the people of the country, the Chinese people believe in the greatness of China that It’s the center of the world (sino-centric) Therefore, in the Xi Jinping era, focus on cultivating the “national rejuvenation” so that China can become a great nation of the world once again.

Article nine Communist party of chinaTake off the lessons of past mistakes. Fall down and get up quickly And do not repeat the mistake For example, in the case of experiencing a mistake from the Tiananmen incident. The Chinese authorities are careful not to use violence in the handling of the massive protests in Hong Kong.

Article ten The Communist Party of China has sparked the nation to have a “dream” together.“China’s dream” (Zhong Guo Meng) In two important agenda: (1) the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China in 2021, China must achieve its goals. “Xiao Kang Society” enough to live and eat all over the place And (2) the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 2049, the goal must be met.It is a socialist country that is strong, modern, wealthy, civilized, reconciled and beautiful. And is an influential country of the world To restore the prosperity of the Chinese people to come back to the world again.

Article eleven Communist party of chinaFocus on competition in the private sectorAnd open to external pressures for the Chinese private sector to be alert and adapt to survive and to overcome, such as joining the WTO andOpen to foreign investment So that Chinese companies have to adapt to fight with foreign countries Or the opening of Tesla to invest in China to make EV in China need to be alert. Develop yourself, survive the competition with the tough / technologically advanced Tesla, includingLet the Chinese private compete intensely Such as the competition between the Alibaba group and the Tencent group.

Article twelve Communist party of chinaEmphasize decisiveness in moderating media / blocking certain media. Especially the offense of social media from foreign countries such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube There are several points of view on this issue. With both scholars who analyzed that China did this to cut off the power from the wind. It does not allow foreign media to incite or create divisions of the people of the country. But on the other side It has been criticized on the issue of blocking the Chinese media. It is a blindfold for people, although Chinese people do not have access to social media from foreigners. But the Chinese private sector has developed a number of Chinese social media and is popular with Chinese netizens such as Weibo or Youku.

however One of the major weaknessesThe Chinese style of “communist” regime is the risk ofTake the lead andThere is no audit mechanism or leverage. Which may lead to a cult of personal worship Including enabling leaders to remain in power without a term / over-empowering leaders or leaders. If there is a dictator / lost leader, he can step up to lead the party And focus on exploitation for their own people Without such a verification mechanism The Chinese Communist Party may lose its legitimacy. Until the public protests against (Either direct or indirect) in the end

The Chinese Communist Party has also made a number of mistakes on the course of this 100 years. Especially the mistakes of the Cultural Revolution in the Mao Zedong era that led to chaos and kept China behind for 10 years, includingMistakes in handling Tiananmen incident Until causing many countries to condemn the Chinese authorities There have been cuts to China’s economic aid and sanctions not to sell weapons to China.

In conclusion, though, the Chinese communist regime may not be the best governmental regime in the world. But it is a form of government that is suitable for “Chinese context”With a large and highly diverse population There is a vast area and a wide variety of resources in each area. Moreover, there is still a very high income gap and social inequality. “Stabilize” Continuously And cultivating patriotism As a means of strengthening the mind and building unity of the people of the nation It is an important factor that allows China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, to harness the potential of the people of the nation and create economic power to drive the country to leap forward to this day.

You can read the analysis.Full issue “Take off the 100-year course of the Communist Party of China:: Weaknesses and 12 Highlights of the Chinese Development Model” Get it from https://thestandard.co/100-years-of-chinese-communism/

Note: Dr. Aksri was not a communist. And did not concentrate on communism But pay attention to the development of “Unique Chinese system” has been continued since 1992 in the Deng Xiaoping era. Until the Jiang Zemin era (1993-2003), Hu Jintao (2003-2013) and the Xi Jinping era (2013-today), traveling to all provinces in China and in effect. 9 books about China


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