The “Christmas skin” of “Battlefield 2042” is extremely unpopular. Dissatisfaction that is solicited even for free, an explosion with Santa-AUTOMATON

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The “Christmas skin” released in “Battlefield 2042” has been criticized by players. The design, which deviated from the world view of the work, received an unusually fierce repulsion on overseas bulletin boards. The developer later explained that “the skin was accidentally published.”

The controversial part of the Battlefield 2042 community is the skin of one of our specialists, Boris. Boris is a Russian-born engineer with the ability to install a Sentry gun, and his trademark is a rich beard. This work has a skin system that customizes the appearance of each character, and Boris also has multiple skins. Suddenly, a “Santa figure” skin appeared in the lineup. The skin design in this work basically keeps the serious tone. Although there is a skin with a sci-fi design, Santa with a white beard seems to be floating. Also, even in the series works so far, skins with such a strong festival color are rare.

There are a large number of users in the community who are dissatisfied with the implementation of Santa Skin. On the overseas bulletin board Reddit, threads criticizing the design of Santa Skin are crowded. Each thread collects an unusual number of comments / votes. Posts that have been particularly responsive to many users have received straightforward criticisms such as “it can’t be serious.” Some have pointed out that it deviates from the world view of “Battlefield 2042”, and some say, “If you add such a skin, fix bugs and adjust the balance faster.” Also, other Christmas skins released at the same time do not seem to have a good reputation. Some users are sarcastic about this skin, and it looks like a chaos without criticism and ridicule. By the design standards of this work and the series, many players seem to feel uncomfortable with the flashy Christmas skins.

Foreign journalist Tom Henderson also mentioned Santa Skin. He is a person who energetically conveys the background and problems of the development of “Battlefield 2042”. “I received a low rating at the Quality Control (QA) session held in March this year,” he commented on his Twitter account about Santa Skin. Although he did not disclose the specific details, he pointed out that the feedback from QA may not have been utilized in the product version.

The developer DICE immediately responded to these voices. The skin wasn’t available in the Battlefield 2042 game after it became a hot topic. And the official Twitter account for the series has issued a statement about the skin. According to the announcement, the skin was released by mistake this time. He also mentioned in a series of tweets “a limited-time skin that can only be used in a special portal mode.” In other words, it suggests that Santa skin is a skin that can only be seen in event-only mode. The tweet is skeptical that “it may have changed its policy because of the criticism of the community.” On the other hand, there seems to be some users who were obediently looking forward to Santa Skin, and there are some disappointing voices saying “I wanted to be Santa.”

Battlefield 2042 has been hit by a lot of bug reports and criticisms of balancing since its release on November 19th. The developer is also working on a fix, and yesterday December 2nd, we delivered a major fix update. However, with the same update, a new problem has occurred that makes it impossible to change the viewpoint from side to side with the mouse (Related article). Many PC version players were in trouble. Immediately after the player’s dissatisfaction with this work increased, Santa Skin, which does not fit the world view of the series, may have caused a fierce rejection.

As an aside, it is also reported that the system of the developer DICE has changed for this work. Today, December 3rd, Oskar Gabrielson, a former general manager of the studio, announced his retirement. It was also reported that Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, which works on Apex Legends and others, will lead the entire Battlefield franchise (GameSpot). I would like to pay attention to how this work, which has a lot of problems, will be improved in the future.

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