The CITIC brother Rogers, who is a shortstop, turned to pitcher and reached 157 kilometers in three months? -Secondary Vocational-Baseball

CITIC Brothers’ foreign investment Rogers originally stumbled when he came to Taiwan in the beginning of the season. He was once thought to be released. Unexpectedly, his performance in the second half of the season was reborn. The defense rate in the regular season dropped from 7.79 to 3.47, and was eventually brought in The Taiwan Competition.

Surprisingly, the head coach Qiu Changrong launched in the first game of the Taiwanese competition was not the triple crown champion DePaula. Instead, he chose Rogers. In addition to considering that his defense rate at home is better than away, he also thinks that his experience is valuable. In the short term In the competition, it can also boost the morale of the team and play a leading role, so this decision is bold.

Rogers also responded to Yau’s expectations with actual results. In the first eight rounds of the main shot, only four hits and one point were lost. Although he failed to win the victory, his performance was already quite exciting.

In addition to taking the lead in the Taiwan competition, Rogers also motivates his teammates on the sidelines from time to time through various methods, such as drumming, dancing, photography, and even percussion. The simulation also looks good. Just ask. It turned out that Rogers had a period of “abandoning the fight and turning to the cast” experience.

Extended reading: The CITIC brother Rogers, who is a shortstop, turned to pitcher and reached 157 kilometers in three months?

Rogers: “In fact, when I first signed with the Colorado Rockies, I started in the minor league as a shortstop and played as a hitter for three years, but I encountered a major turning point because I was touched in a game. The body ball hit, and it was hit in the eyes, and it also cast a big shadow. From then on, I didn’t dare to stand in the strike zone again for fear of being hit again.

To add, Rogers mentioned that when he was a hitter, his first career boom was when he faced the Fubon titans’ foreign investment Sosa. It was in the Dominican Summer League. Later, they also joined the minor leagues. Playing with a Korean professional, now he has become good friends.

Rogers: “In order to find another way out, I was assigned to the pitcher’s mound by the team. They also gave me a lot of advice. When I first lost, the ball was very slow, about 78-81 miles (125-130 kilometers). At that time, I was ready to be released.”

However, the Rockies did not give up on him, and still let Rogers continue to practice pitching. After three months of guidance from the team’s pitching coach, he revised his pitching mechanism and taught him how to pitch. A miracle happened.

Rogers: “I remember that in the first game three months later, I lost 98 miles (157 kilometers) of speedball.”

Recalling at the time, Rogerstein said that this was the most memorable game of his career, because in the process, the pitching coach and his teammates never told him how fast the ball was lost, and gave him a special order, which is what changed. Don’t miss the ball, just miss the straight ball.

Rogers: “I felt quite fast when I pitched myself, and after I finished a round, I asked the pitching coach how fast the pitch was, but he said it was not too fast, it was about 81.82 miles (up and down 130 kilometers), and told I don’t have to worry about how fast, just take care of the content of the pitch.”

As a result, after Rogers lost that game, the ball team called him into the office. He thought he was really going to be released and was quite worried, but the result was completely different from what he thought.

Rogers: “After entering, the team told me that you are now going home to get your passport and are ready to go to major league spring training.”

Since then, Rogers has been a full-time pitcher in the major leagues for many years. After changing to the Indians jersey, he has gained a firm foothold in his role after 2012. He played 44 games and wrote a 3 wins and 1 loss defense rate of 3.06. It was also the best year of his career in the major leagues.

Although a full-time pitcher, after all, he still encounters the National League team from time to time, and Rogers often has the opportunity to stand in the strike zone.

He also shared a little story with me. After he practiced pitching, he squeezed into the Rockies’ major league roster in 2010 and followed the team to Pittsburgh. It happened to be his turn to start the day, because it was really hard to come by. Too tired, I accidentally slept until 12 noon, and rushed to the court after waking up, but found that the team was already practicing.

As a result, after he was late, the head coach told him not to go to strike practice and concentrate on pitching. As a result, he pitched vigorously in that game. Later, the head coach also joked to him that you should be late and stop hitting. Will vote well!

From the Rockies, the Indians, the Blue Jays to the Yankees, Rogers later left the United States for Korean career development, and became the highest paid foreigner in the history of the hero team with 1.5 million US dollars a year. This year, he came to Taiwan to join the CITIC Brothers. Put on the yellow shirt.

This year’s Taiwan Games, I watched him practice next to him many times before the game, so I also jokingly asked Rogers, if there is a chance in the next Taiwan Games, would he automatically invite the coach to try to play on the field?


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