The clash of Song Joong-ki and Lee Seong-min, ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate’ was more than 16% in viewership ratings

JTBC Drama Fri-Sat & Sun ‘Chaebol’s Youngest Son'[JTBC 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chaebol’s youngest son’ with Song Joong-ki broke through the viewership rating of 16%.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company on the 4th, the 7th episode of ‘Maknae’s youngest son’, which aired at 10:30 pm the previous day, recorded 16.1% (non-terrestrial paid households). This is the highest viewer rating itself.

In episode 7, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki), who revealed that he was the true owner of Miracle Investment, was attacked by Jin Yang-chul (Lee Seong-min), the chairman of the Sunyang Group and Jin Do – Joon’s grandfather.

Jin Do-joon declared war on Jin Yang-cheol to buy Sunyang, but the Sunyang Group’s power spreading throughout Korea caused Jin Do-joon to retreat. That’s how Jin Yang-cheol seemed to hold the victory, but as Jin Yang-cheol’s health went awry, another conflict was predicted.

Scheduled exceptionally three times a week, ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’ raises the sense of immersion by telling stories based on historical events such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) foreign exchange crisis that actually happened in the 1980s and 1990s.

The 15th episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Shloop’ starring Kim Hye-soo, which aired on the same day, recorded a viewership rating of 13.4% just one episode before the end.

In the 15th episode, the queen became angry when she noticed that Uiseong-gun (Kang Chan-hee), whom she had favored until now, was not Lee Ho’s bloodline.

Uiseong-gun’s father and Crown Prince Taein’s younger brother, Lee Ik-hyeon (Kim Jae-beom) disguised himself in the palace and plotted treason, but it was depicted in cruel words that he met death by Uiseong-gun as a tactic. of contrast.

Meanwhile, as Crown Princess (Oh Ye-joo) came to her post, the court became busy again. The queen made a problem with the crown prince’s health and set up another strategy to bring the crown prince down, setting up a conflict with the middle war.

Meanwhile, SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Police station next to the fire station’ starring Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, and Gong Seung-yeon scored 8.4%. /happy news

Giho Ilbo – Morning newspaper, KIHOILBO

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