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The Clippers win the third round against the Mavericks for the first time in the series, Paul George “only one win yet”-Basketball Count |

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“Defense wasn’t working until Round 2”

In the first round of the Clippers vs. Mavericks playoffs on May 28, the Clippers, who overturned a maximum of 19 points behind, won 118-108, scoring their first victory in the series.

The Clippers were unable to stop the Mavericks’ onslaught from the start of the match and carried a double-digit behind in the third leg in the enemy territory, which had dropped two games at home. However, when Paul George regained the flow of the game by scoring 22 points in the first half alone, he won by holding down the Mavericks’ main force with a solid defense.

George, who contributed to the victory with 29 points and 7 rebounds, explained why he remained confident even in the situation of 0 wins and 2 losses. We lost two because we didn’t do it in our own style. We did it today. The defense wasn’t working until the second round. “

However, George says he hasn’t proved the strength of the team just by winning the first win in the series. “We are neither a champion nor a defending champion. We haven’t proved our strength yet. We have to concentrate on the one game in front of us. We won the fourth game and returned to LA, home court advantage. I have to make use of it. I have only won one, so I haven’t proved anything. “

Kawhi Leonard, who scored 36 points and 8 rebounds, said in a post-match interview about playing in front of more than 15,000 spectators, “this is the real playoff game we know.” “I’m happy to experience the noise generated by the audience again. I have to thank the NBA for taking measures against the new coronavirus.”

Like George, Leonard also keeps his focus, saying, “Nothing has been achieved. My opponent has lost two wins. I just focus on the game in front of me.”

On the other hand, the defeated Mavericks ace Doncic regretted that he was “relaxed” because he lost the game from a development that was not strange even if he was able to win three consecutive games. “I had a bad shot and I was relaxed when I was in the lead. I need to improve.”

As George said, if he could win Round 4 and return to an even with 2 wins and 2 losses, the Clippers with home-court advantage would have an advantage. On the other hand, if the Mavericks make the next round a check and make a check to break through the series, the possibility of an upset increases. Round 4 on the 30th is likely to be the one that will influence the flow of the series.


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