The coach “don’t answer” the newcomer’s question “Don’t answer” Nippon-Ham Shinjo’s “guidance ban” is the true intention | Full-Count

“Even if a child with good qualities enters a professional …”

Nippon-Ham’s newcomer joint voluntary training started on the 9th at a baseball team facility in Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture. At the staff meeting held in the afternoon, the schedule and policy of the spring camp starting on February 1st were discussed by the front desk and all the coaches, and at this seat, Director Shinjo gave a “touch” that the coach “do not answer” to the newcomer’s question. It is said that it was issued. Where is the true meaning of the unexpected directive?

After the staff meeting, Director Shinjo said something a little surprising. “The newcomer asks the coach,’What should I do?’. I said,’Don’t answer.'” On this day, it was a “guidance ban” for 13 newcomers who took the first step into the professional world.

“I want you to be free to rampage in the first year, so don’t tell me.”

As time goes by, many players can no longer show their “play” that should have been highly evaluated by scouts. Speaking of pitchers, it is not uncommon for the ball speed to drop steadily. Director Shinjo also said that he has seen a lot of talents who have left the ball world.

“I’ve seen a lot of good-natured kids who get into the pros and get squeezed by their coaches and disappear in a couple of years. I’m sorry.”

What is the cause of such a tragedy?

“Are there any coaches who get angry and take responsibility?”



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