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WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) Brent Qvale has taken a pragmatic approach to his professional career NFL.

So far, that plan has worked out a lot.

The former Williston High School formerly finished his fifth season with New York Jets and does not know that anything is ever saying in America's most popular sport.

"There are about 2,000 guys in the series and about 10,000 people want to take a job," Qvale said to the Bismarck Tribune. "You have to be on top of your game every day. I tried to do most of my opportunities."

Qvale announced outside of Nebraska in 2014, despite being left left to the Cornhuskers, the 6-foot-7-inch Qvale, 7-inch, his aggressive online time Jets. For the past five seasons, it has 60 games with 14 starters. During the recent season, it has been in 16 games, including two priorities.

"I think I've been able to find the point in which the tag (unfit) is now in place and that I can consolidate my role to the team and prove that I belong," Qvale said. "The NFL media career is about three years now. I am one of the oldest men (27) now, but I think I could continue to improve and establish myself as a valuable member of the team . "

Qvale adds to his high profile profession the only way he knows how.

"I tried to be consistent on the field and out of the pitch," he said. "You do not have to worry about losing any team in which I'm going to meet or lose weight. You have to be a professional. It's a great job, but you have to treat it as a job, in fact. "

Qvale goes from the agent from an unrestricted volunteer, making it possible to sign a sign with any team when the new series starts in March.

It also means that he is not sure where he will be playing next season, although he has been welcome to return to New York.

"I love my wife and the area. I am enjoying my time with the Jets," he said. "New York is definitely a unique one. With the media and fans, everything you do has examined and amplified. Unfortunately, we did not have the success of the team we needed for a couple Last year, but there is a certain amount of passion from fans. It would be pretty cool to win in New York, with no question.

"I think the future is bright."

Recently Adam Gase Jets recently hired as new coach. Qvale and Gáis have just short and good greetings. Gas was the main coach of the Miami Dolphins in the last three seasons before retiring earlier in January.

"It's a very passionate coach, that's sure, and he's really good," said Qvale de Gase. "Moving on, I feel the coach gas and Sam Darnold will be a good working marriage."

Darnold is considered as a Jets franchise quarterback after choosing No. 3 overall in the 2018. Draft Remember Qvale as a believer in the young QB.

"It's a very level for such a young person. I can not imagine that he is 20, 21 years old and coming into the NFL as a quarterback," said Qvale. "He is the same man every day. He comes in and goes on to work. As he continues to grow and mature and gets more time playing, I feel the sky is a Sam's border. "

The financial dimension is also important, due to the uncertain length and completion of the largest NFL professions.

"It's hard to make it a free agent. It's the best case, you'll probably only have one or two opportunities to become a free agent," Qvale said. "There will be a number of factors. We will make the best decision when that time comes."

Brent Qvale has recently returned from Italy when his brother Brian Qvale, a North Dakota 2007 Basketball winner, is professionally playing.

Brian Qvale is playing for Virtus Bologna of the Italian Serie A, the best series in Italy.

"In the past six years, I could not see two of the games," said Brent Qvale. "It's a challenge between his career and his desire, but he was very good to go back to see it. He's doing well and he always has a chance to go to Italy . "

Brent Qvale was a high-grade school player in his own right for Choyotes Williston, finishing how Mr. Basketball took place in 2009.

"We were talking exactly about how we often do not see each other, but we both understand that we can not do what we are doing now for a long time," said Brent Qvale on his brother. "We're happy to do what we are doing. We need to drive it out."

Brent Qvale and his wife live in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the offseason.

Training starts next season, wherever possible. One of the Brent Qvale working partners, Cornhusker's body and former Viking Viking Viking Jeremiah Viking, recently restored by the Buffalo Bill.

"You can not get much better facilities than the University of Nebraska. Coach (Scott) Frost has since been very welcome since it has taken a part. We deal well with us. We try to stay away from college things. raise screaming at weights, "said Brent Qvale, who graduated from a master's degree in science from Nebraska. "I and others are going back there in the past five seasons. It's a great place to go on our work in."

Brent Qvale gets back to North Dakota several times a year. He has a lineman camps in Williston during the summer and it is hoped that this can be done again this summer with the college coaches of the areas acting as instructors.

The NFL player from the Dakotas is the rach breed, but Brent Qvale has tackled the trend in a great way.

"With today's social media and platforms such as Rivals and Huddle, if you're good and your film is out there, coaches will go for you," he said. "The benefits are a fantastic play and I am very grateful that I had this opportunity.

"It's crazy but you only need to take one step at the time. It's four years or five years in college and then if you're talented enough and lucky enough and things go out, you just need be ready to run with it. "


Information from: Bismarck Tribune,


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