The cold front is hitting the urban area of ​​Hong Kong and the temperature will drop to 15 degrees tonight. On Thursday and Friday, it will drop to 13 degrees. Daguling will see 10 degrees.


The temperature has plummeted, citizens should pay attention to keep warm. A cold front has crossed the Guangdong coast since last night until this morning, and affected by the strong northeast monsoon that followed, Hong Kong’s temperature dropped sharply. The Observatory predicts that the temperature will drop significantly today. The temperature in the urban area will fall from around 24 degrees Celsius at the beginning to a minimum of around 15 degrees Celsius at night. It will drop to around 13 degrees on on Thursday and Friday, and it will be two or three degrees lower in the New Territories. The Observatory and the Elderly Homes Association remind the elderly and those with chronic diseases to pay attention to their bodies and wear appropriate warm clothing.

The weather in Hong Kong was still like summer yesterday afternoon, with temperatures reaching 27 and 28 degrees in many areas, and Lau Fau Shan even recorded a high temperature of 33.7 degrees. Only a cold front crossed the coastal areas from northern Guangdong last night to this morning. Under the influence of the strong northeast monsoon that followed, the temperature in Hong Kong will drop sharply, and it will enter the winter immediately.

The Observatory predicts that there will be one or two showers today, and the temperature will drop significantly. The temperature in the urban area will drop from around 24 degrees at the beginning to a minimum of around 15 degrees at night, and in two. or three degrees lower in the New Territories. Looking ahead to tomorrow and Friday, the temperature in urban areas will drop to around 13 degrees, and the temperature in the New Territories will be two or three degrees lower. The temperature will gradually rise until the weekend, and will rise to a maximum of 20 degrees on Saturday and 23 degrees on Sunday.

According to the Observatory’s automatic regional weather forecasts, today’s temperature ranges from 15 to 24 degrees, and the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature in many areas is as high as 9 to 11 degrees. Among them, the temperature difference in Ta Kwu Ridge in Today’s maximum temperature is expected to be 23 degrees, and the minimum temperature is only 12 degrees; sweltering may be as low as 10 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Chen Baiwei, Assistant Director of the Observatory, reminded that the weather will be quite cool in the coming days, and citizens should pay attention to their health and wear suitable warm clothes. Chen Baiwei said that “cold weather” is 12 degrees Celsius or below. The normal range of winter in Hong Kong is 9 to 17 days of cold weather, but the number of relevant days this year is expected to be normal to less.

Cymdeithas Tai yr Henoed will issue a special weather reminder for the elderly through the “Yettong Peace Bell” platform, reminding them to take countermeasures in advance. Elderly people can also check the day’s weather anytime by pressing the “YetTalk Safety Bell”. Affected by the epidemic and winter flu, the elderly are encouraged to be vaccinated.

The strongest cold wave this year came on the mainland

In addition, the mainland presented the strongest cold wave this year, and the Central Meteorological Observatory has issued the highest level of orange cold wave warning for 3 consecutive days since yesterday. Guangdong Meteorological Bureau microblog “Guangdong Weather” described Guangdong Province as “the temperature has plunged” since today, and Thursday and Friday are the coldest times, “you can’t stand it without a coat or down jacket” The lowest is 3 degrees in the north, the lowest is 10 degrees in coastal cities and counties, and the lowest is 6 degrees in other cities and counties; the temperature will rise from Saturday, with a minimum temperature of 5 to 16 degrees.

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