The collaboration between Misdo and Yoroizuka Chef “misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka” vol.2 is amazing!A finish that could surpass the first

The first release of “misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka Yoroizuka Gateau Chocolat Donuts” by Misdo and Chef Toshihiko Yoroizuka, which has been on sale since January 11, 2023.

As I already told you, the performance over there was beyond the limit. have you eaten yet If you haven’t yet, you should seriously run to Missed right now.

Following the first bullet, from January 25 as the second bulletTwo new types of donuts join the fray!I got this straight away, but it’s a very poor finish!!

·2 types

The new addition is “Banana“when”Chestnut caramel sale2 types. Both prices are taken out248 yenin.

Let’s start with “Banane”. The first series was all in a paper case, but the second seems to be vinyl. As the name suggests, it has a banana flavour. The picture is printed on the bottom right.

Here’s what I pulled out. It wasn’t like that when it was in the bag, but when I took it out, the room was full of banana flavor! Among donuts of all timeThe ones that smell first classI think so.

The face is white, yellow, brown and colorful. According to the official website, the banana is first covered in white chocolate, then covered in golden topping, cocoa powder, and chocolate.

The side looks like this. Fresh banana filling is very overflowing. This is where the strong banana smell comes from.

Check the contents, not only the banana filling involved, but also plenty of chocolate whip.

Let’s eat. Firstly,Crunchy and hard texturetypically! Most of the collaboration donuts this time had a generally moist texture, but this is the only one that stands out.

I think it’s the crunch of the golden topping on the surface and the effect of the white chocolate sticking firmly to the surface of the donut dough.

And the taste is overwhelming chocolate banana! MaybeIt can be a chocolate banana rather than a raw chocolate banana.

A rich chocolate flavor from the dough and whipped cream, and a banana filling that not only has a strong aroma but also a powerful taste. The combination of these two results in a donut that looks like concentrated chocolate banana.king of the chocolate banana world.

・ Marron caramel sales

Next is “Marron Caramel Sale”.

Here’s what I pulled out. Sugar glaze with almond and pistachio toppings is cool.

“Banane” didn’t bother me as much, but this one is sticky because the surface is glass. Be careful when touching it with bare hands. It might be best to eat it while it’s still in the bag.

Chestnut whip and salted caramel cream inside.

When I try to eat it, first of all it is marron. It has a caramel flavor afterwards. I thought the only difference was whether the chestnut whip was put inside or on top, but this guy’s chestnut flavor claim goes beyond the first “Mont Blanc”. In this collaboration menuchampion of the marron frameMaybe this guy.

Glaze on the surface of the fabricIt feels more moistIt’s delicious! I think the technique is that the smooth and extremely sticky salted caramel cream comes out from beyond the texture and vague aroma of chestnut whipped cream.

So, although there are only two types of the second bullet, its power isA level that can exceed the total of the four types of fighting power in the first bulletthere was ……! An unusual level of finish. This will again be extremely competitive. Hurry to Misudo now!!

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Written by: Egawa Shigu
Photo: RocketNews24.

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