The collapse of Starrail Multiverse Worldview is more interesting to know


Although ‘Collapse: Starrail’ by Hoyo Bus is the fourth sequel to the Collapse series, there is no barrier to entry even for users who have not played the previous game because it has an independent view of the world. Still, if you understand the multi-media setup that covers the entire Hoyo Bus game, you can have a lot more fun.

Gamers are paying attention as a new trailer for Collapse: Starrail has been revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2022. In particular, there are many characters that appeared in Collapse 3rd such as Himeko, Welt, and Kukuria in Collapse: Star Rail, there so many people wondering if new users can understand the story.

As for the answer, I can easily understand it. This is because the worldview is the same, but almost every setting of the characters’ relationships, personalities and history has changed. However, if you understand the multiple location of the Hoyo Bus, a macroscopic worldview, you can enjoy this work much more immersively.

The Hoyo Bus multiple worldview setting is revealed in detail in the 3rd fall and fall comics. The ‘Sea of ​​Quantum’ and the ‘Imaginary Tree’ exist in the grand universe that surrounds the worldview. The quantum sea is a property of infinite expansion, and the imaginary tree absorbs the quantum sea and blocks the expansion and grows through it.

In order to understand the multiverse of Hoyo Bus, it is necessary to know the existence of the quantum sea and the imaginary tree.

Each world of Hoyo Bus is an individual fruit opened on the tree of imaginary trees. The Quantum Sea is constantly trying to expand by absorbing the destructive and imperfect world, and the Imaginary Tree is trying to create a better and healthier world to prevent being drowned in the Quantum Sea.

In order to filter out better fruits (worlds), the imaginary tree puts continuous trials on each world, the ‘collapse phenomenon’. The world that died without overcoming the suffering fell from the tree of the imaginary tree and fell into the sea of ​​quantum, becoming a meaningless ‘bubble world’ that repeats for a certain period of time.

The world that fell from the imaginary tree falls into a quantum sea and becomes a 'bubble universe'

The world that fell from the imaginary tree falls into a quantum sea and becomes a ‘bubble universe’

Fall: The world of Starrail is one of the countless fruits that are opened on the imaginary tree as the 3rd fall, Genshin. The phenomenon of collapse that afflicts the world in this work is ‘Stellaron’. The ‘Aeons’, the cosmic beings in the imaginary tree, scatter Stellaron throughout the galaxy, causing disaster.

The major plot of Fall: Star Rail is the backdrop to which Aeons collect the Stellaron scattered throughout the galaxy, and various forces in the galaxy come forward to stop it. The player becomes a ‘pioneer’ who is caught up in such a huge event and travels the galaxy.

What should be noted in this work is the fact that the scale is much larger than in previous works. The collapse phenomenon which is limited to only one planet, the Earth, has been extended to the galaxy unit.

In addition, through the dialogues of the last chapter of the other side story comics, set following the western part of the fall 3 open world story, “The connection with the other world will be made by mankind” and “and a new journey across the galaxy”, From Disintegration: He has expressed his will to expand his view of the world and a quick forecast for Starrail.

Breakdown through the cartoon 'Overseas Ochr': Starrail expansion and worldview hinted at - Source: Final episode of the long defunct cartoon 'Overseasside'

Breakdown through the ‘Overseas Side’ comic book: Starrail expansion and worldview hinted at – Source: Final episode of the long-defunct ‘Overseas Side’ cartoon

Collapse: Starrail is expected to play a role as an extension of the universe, like Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Chaos’. Since it seems like a full-scale multi-turn expansion is about to start, if you familiarize yourself with the settings beforehand and play, you’ll feel more immersed.

If you’re interested in the world view, we recommend you check out the full-length manga in the Media and Cartoon tab on the official Collapse 3rd website. Fall: Star Rail’s official release date has yet to be determined, and pre-orders are currently being taken through the official website.

On the other hand, you can check out a part of the story ‘Collapse: Star Rail’, where the main character takes a trip on the Galactic Train. From the appearance of Yarilo-VI, the first playable destination during the last CBT, ‘Kukuria at the end of the cold wave’, which appeared as the boss at the time, was also confirmed.

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