The Collapse of the Democratic Party: Nipit Intarasombat’s Regretful Farewell

Former Deputy Head of the Democratic Party, Nipit Intarasombat, recently extended his congratulations to Thaksin, acknowledging his defeat after a 17-year-long battle. Despite expressing no regrets about his lengthy fight, Nipit lamented the damage caused to the Democratic Party’s principles, leaving behind mere remnants.

In a Facebook post on September 1, 2023, Nipit shared his thoughts on the matter, highlighting his relentless fight against Thaksin over the years. Despite facing numerous hardships, including house searches and prosecution on 13 different cases, Nipit managed to emerge victorious in each one. Reflecting on his journey, he admits, “I lost.” Nevertheless, he takes this opportunity to congratulate Thaksin and his supporters, wishing them continued success in ruling the country.

When asked about his feelings regarding the 17-year-long struggle, Nipit calmly states, “No, I am not sad.” He acknowledges that such battles were necessary to safeguard the nation’s interests. Looking ahead, Nipit predicts a fierce battle between the Thai Pheu Party and the Kao Klai Party, expressing his belief that the latter will achieve a resounding victory. As a concerned citizen, he remains impartial, refraining from aligning with any political party or candidate in future elections.

Expressing his deepest regret, Nipit rues the fact that the instrument he fought with all those years ago, known as the Democratic Party, ultimately contributed to its own demise. Addressing fellow party members, he urges them to take care of themselves and their loved ones, humbly mentioning his modest plans of buying instant noodles for his children and enjoying an egg omelette in a lunchbox at work. His final words emphasize the importance of staying healthy and abiding by the law, cautioning against any misguided hope of preferential treatment if faced with imprisonment.

In this candid and introspective reflection, Nipit concludes that the ideological dreams of those who fought alongside him have now been realized, albeit with only remnants remaining. It is a solemn reminder of the complexities involved in long-standing political battles, leaving behind both victories and losses.

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1 September 2023 21:23

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“Nipit Intarasombat” posted congratulations with “Thaksin”, admitted defeat, but does not regret fighting for 17 years, hurt the ideology of the Democratic Party, leaving only the remnants.

At 7:00 pm on September 1, 2023, Mr Nipit Intarasombat, former Minister of Culture and former deputy head of the Democratic Party overseeing the southern region. Facebook post on the subject “Congratulations to Thaksin” It means that I fought Thaksin for 17 years, not to mention how terrible he was. My house was searched, I was prosecuted for 13 cases, but I was lucky in all 13 cases. I won all of them, otherwise I would have gone to jail more than Thaksin. I need to say this. “I lost.” so take advantage of this opportunity Congratulations to Thaksin And the supporters of Mr. Thaksin wishes Mr. Thaksin and his family continue to rule this country until they hold the golden staff. cactus

But if asked if there are 17 years of fighting, am I sad or not? “no” I will try to swallow and tell my heart that at the time I had to fight like that, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to save the country. In the future, the western front has changed. Next time the Thai Pheu Party has to fight to the death with the Kao Klai Party, don’t blame me, I believe the Kao Klai Party will win the Thai Pheu Party by a landslide. I’m just a citizen he just stood and watched the fight, he didn’t cheer for anyone, because both parties were not close to my DNA at all, in the next election, I might walk out of the house without choosing anyone and no party was elected anymore

“What I regret the most is that 17 years ago, I fought through an instrument called “Democratic Party” I regret the result of the fight In the end, it led to the collapse of the Democratic Party. Democrats, don’t insult me. I’ve actually heard people say that. friends who fight Take good care of yourself, tonight, I will go home to buy instant noodles for my children. Tomorrow I will go to work and eat an egg omelette in a lunch box at work. stay healthy don’t get sick Because if you are sick, you have to wait in a long queue at the hospital. The shoes may have to be queued instead. if going to the bathroom Don’t think about breaking any laws at all, because if you go to jail, don’t blindly hope that you will go up to the 14th floor of the police hospital. #friends who used to fight Let’s make a living, the ideology you once dreamed of, now that it has reached its destination. And only the carcass was left,” concluded Mr. Nipit.

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