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The coma advertising industry, MI, is expected to fall by 4% in 20 years, the lowest in 20 years.

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The advertising industry did not reach its dreams. MI forecasts new money to 7.2 billion, minus 4%, the lowest in 20 years. The agency indicates that it is worse than the year 63 and recommends the government to communicate clear measures. Help businesses and people cope in time

On July 21, 2021, Mr. Phawat Ruengdejvorachai Chairman of the Group Media Intelligence Co., Ltd. or MI major media agency revealed that the media and advertising industry It is reputed to be one of the industries that has been hit hard over the years, both digital disruption. as well as the Covid wave that lasted almost 2 years.

During the first wave of the covid crisis at the beginning of 63, it was like a monsoon that hit the industry with the worst negative in 20 years, minus 16.7%, the value of the money contracted to 75 billion baht from the year 62 with a value of up to 90,212 million baht.

Subsequently, in the end of the 4th quarter of the 20th – the 1st quarter of 191, there began to show signs of recovery. from the covid factors that seem to be controlled from the lock down measures which are exchanged loss of business capital in the belief that “Even though it hurts, it’s over,” and the hope from the news that people will have access to a vaccine that has begun to appear in sporadic clusters, is enough to restore trust and hope for people in the ecosystem. can fight

Until the beginning of the year 64 is expected to close this year will recover 8% or a value of approximately 81,024 million baht and when the outbreak started 3 times in April has reduced the growth to 1% or about 75,956 million baht, which is expected to be able to control the epidemic

However, later something unexpected happened: 3-4 waves of outbreaks were like giant monsoons that swept the advertising industry. which this time is out of control Lasts longer than 4 months and tends to drag on for longer

As a result, the MI had to adjust the new assessment. taking into account the latest factors and situations and predicted that Industrial spending in the year 64 will be only 72,138 million baht, a negative 3-5% or an average of around 4% compared to the year 63 when the current money was 75,168 million baht.

The main media remained TV with a turnover of 36.6 billion baht, followed by internet media at 22,410 million baht, out-of-home media at 7,518 million baht, radio media at 2,500 million baht, print media at 2,000 million baht, magazine media at 600 million baht, and cinema media. 600 million baht, while the first half of the year 64 has a budget of 36 billion baht.

“This is the worst year and the lowest in 20 years, setting a new record heavier than 63 as a result of the prolonged coronavirus crisis. In addition, the government has increased the measures to be more intense and longer. in hopes of extracting a virus that causes the infection rate in the country to exceed 10,000 people per day.”

It must be admitted that since the year 63, entrepreneurs have been traumatized and still severe until the present, especially SMEs, including the people. affect both in terms of confidence in shopping and shrinking purchasing power including the crisis of the basic life ability of the people, especially the basic groups

In the part, MI customers have gradually postponed various campaigns, some of which are campaigns that have been postponed since the second quarter. For the third quarter, which is the low season, we still expect products in the rainy season to be advertised, such as liquids. fabric softener washing machine or group products that meet the needs of staying at home, such as e-marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, etc.

However, the MI predicted that The only way to guarantee a resurgence in the ad industry is with vaccines, which are likely to show positive signs towards the end of Q4 or later this month. Nov-early December, with significantly more vaccination among the population. coupled with the arrival of mRNA vaccines

In addition, it cannot be denied that before we get the right vaccine on the way government communication Who determines our lives must be more efficient than we are. so that businesses and people know how to behave and how to deal with the situation

In the past, communication from the government sector was confusing, unclear, and lack of integration from relevant agencies. It’s a totally ineffective communication. which aggravates the situation causing distrust of the information the government is trying to communicate and caused widespread losses

Therefore, communication between the government and the people It needs to be addressed honestly. in order to make a significant change especially communication on the following topics

Vaccine Distribution and efficacy of vaccines about various measures to be enforced to control the outbreak in conjunction with the treatment plan for those affected and about access to the public health system whether screening treatment of infection at different levels

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