The comedian who disappeared after the news report… “Don’t ask, panic disorder due to assault, the person who hit me said ‘Let’s do it according to the law'”

Photo = Captured from the YouTube channel ‘Latest Olympics’

Comedian Yoon Seok-ju revealed his recent status after the news report incident.

On the 20th, on the ‘Recent Olympic Games’ YouTube channel,'[낙지 윤석주를 만나다] A video titled ‘I went to Jeju Island…’ was posted on the recent news of the comedian who disappeared after the news broke.

Yoon Seok-ju, who made his debut as a comedian at the 15th KBS open recruitment in 2000, currently lives in Jeju Island and said, “I get that question a lot. ‘Why did you come to Jeju Island?’, I want to live by showing my daughter green and nature instead of gray (from the city).”

Regarding the period of the ‘Gag Concert’, Yoon Seok-joo said, “It was a difficult time,” and “I was living under the ring. Although it was difficult, I was living in the fun it made for many people to laugh.”

However, Yoon Seok-ju, who said his life changed completely after being victimized by an attack in 2016, said, “There are people who think I attacked just by looking at the title of the article. One day, I was at a big company event, and there, while I was holding the microphone, a drunk man knocked me down. But even though I fell, I tried to attack from above.” “I still dream about that scene. These are the things you are trying to do from above. Then he took the microphone and sang two songs.”

Yoon Seok-joo said, “I cried with my wife that night. I’m going to make money and get beat.” “When a case of such an attack occurs, an arbitration committee is held. ‘I admit everything I did’, ‘I admit everything I did’, ‘I drank but I can’t remember’. ‘Since it is right, do according to the law’ and then he left. The person who beats you to the law says so. That event made a reset.”

Afterwards, Yoon Seok-joo said, “The feeling of riding Vikings lasted all day. unable to meet people So I went to hospital. It was a general disorder, a panic disorder,” he admitted.

Yoon Seok-ju said, “So I kept drinking. I couldn’t stand in front of people and I couldn’t hold the microphone. (Coming down to Jeju Island) I’ve been running a pizza restaurant starting with a part-time job.”

Kang Min-sun, online news reporter

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