The Committee allows for the new North Dakota logo competition

Professor Marvin Nelson, of Roll, House Bill introduced 1457 on Tuesday, January 29, to the Home, Business and Homework Committee, which would order the Department of Commerce to compete for the administration of a new state logo with monetary prizes.

In October, the Tourism Division entered its brand "Bíogair", launching the previous "North Dakota" logo since 2002.

Nelson criticized the new logo of his design and how it was done.

"Our graphic designers in this state did not get any chance," said Nelson. "No one ever consulted, you did not hear a word and suddenly, you wake up one morning and our new state logo is, and this way, it came from Minnesota."

Muskoda, a marketing communications consultant in Hawley, Minn., About 20 miles west of Fargo, was designed "Be Legendary" for just under $ 10,000.

Mr George Keizer, R-Bismarck, who chairs the IBL committee, said that the proposal was unanimously unanimous with reforms for the prize money of the bill – amending $ 90,000 for first-place winners with $ 9,500 for the first prize.

Nelson said his bill could come up on the House's floor later this week.

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