The content details of the first plot DLC of “Electric Rider 2077” are suspected to have leaked, and will bring new areas, characters, sidelines and main quests – Computer King Ada

CD Projekt Red’s latest masterpiece “Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077) was finally officially launched in December 2020 under the anticipation of players. However, this work was soon due to a large number of bugs in the game and The performance issue caused a lot of controversy, especially on the PS4 and Xbox One, two previous-generation game consoles, and even caused the game to be removed from the PS Store for a while, and both Microsoft and Sony opened refunds for players . After that, the CDPR team devoted a lot of resources to the revision of the game content, and fully delayed the plans for the next-generation update and DLC content. By February 2022, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next-gen updates will be officially launched along with a massive 1.5 update, suggesting that major content fixes seem to have officially come to an end. And now, a large number of dialogues suspected to be from the first DLC expansion content of “Electric Rider 2077” have also begun to be uploaded on the Internet, which seems to reveal the details of the DLC story missions.

Relevant files have started to go viral on social media, and these content are rumored to be “datamined” (datamined) from the latest game update of “Electric Rider 2077”, and hint at the story of the DLC It will revolve around a brand new character named “Songbird”, whose profile actually exists in the game’s original files and also has completed quest mods.

However, related news pointed out that the current public file is not complete, and many DLC side quest related information uses temporary space, but these outflow content seems to confirm that this DLC will contain 7 main quests. In addition, many Reddit users who broke the news mentioned that this DLC will also add many new content such as “Fixer” side quests, world stories, and encounters to the game’s Night City map. But unfortunately, the relevant details have been removed from the shelves.

According to the information compiled by multiple Reddit users, this DLC will take players to a new area called “Combat Zone” (Combat Zone), this area is located in a corner of the Pacific Zone, and there is no way in the current version of the base game. into the corner. Even so, players have been able to find many art concept maps related to this area in the official set “The World of Cyberpunk 2077”. In addition, players will also visit a large arena called “Sports Dome”, which is also inaccessible in the basic version of the game. The leaked news also hints that this will be one of the main lines of the DLC. The trigger location of the task.

Interestingly, Johnny Silverhand, the main character played by Keanu Reeves in the base game, doesn’t have much dialogue in this DLC, and is even constantly attacked. Mute other new characters like “Songbird”. As for how many new lines Keanu Reeves recorded for this DLC, it is still unknown.

It is worth noting that this DLC seems to bring some changes to the ending dialogue of the game itself of “Electric Rider 2077”. Although the overall development will not change much, if the main story of the DLC is completed first, when players enter the ending of the main body of the game, they can hear the protagonist V and “Silver Hand Johnny” mentioning “Songbird”. characters and their encounters in the DLC.

As recently as September last year, CDPR publicly stated that a quarter of the development team at the time had begun to create the first DLC expansion for “Electric Rider 2077”, and in April this year hinted that this DLC would be. Bringing a brand new story line, and confirming that the game has sold 18 million sets worldwide.

Before the official announcement of any news, all outflow news should only be regarded as rumors. As for when CDPR will reveal the true face of this DLC to players, it is still unknown. Although this year’s E3 exhibition has been confirmed to be completely suspended, Microsoft still expects to hold a grand media conference on June 12 this year, considering that “Electric Driver 2077” is almost always published by Microsoft before it goes on sale. The news will be released at the meeting, so players may have the opportunity to see the DLC revealed at this year’s conference.

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