The content of the debate about KBS’ ‘Salim Man’, which faced protests from viewers, was aired.

▲ A scene from KBS 2TV’s ‘Salim Nam 2’.

The broadcast on the 17th of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program ‘The Household Men’ received protests from viewers over the circumcision scene. On today’s broadcast, former baseball player Hong Seong-heon’s middle school son, who was cleared of a misunderstanding about circumcision after sex education with urology specialist ‘Kuchu-hyung’, and five of his friends formed the ‘Brothers of Circumcision’ who have undergone surgery. ‘Salim Nam’ advertised the broadcast as ‘the first five person circumcision site’.

In response, a message appeared on the KBS viewer’s petition board demanding an apology and disciplinary action from the producers, saying, “We manipulated the male householder into choosing male circumcision and sent him off the air as if n exhibition.” The petitioner claimed, “It is difficult for minors to judge for themselves (whether to be circumcised or not), and they should be protected sexually. As of the 19th, more than 1,600 people have signed the petition. In the KBS viewer petition system, if more than 1,000 people agree to the petition within 30 days, the person in charge of the relevant department must respond directly.

On the 19th, the KBS production team made an official statement and said, “We deeply apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with the content of the broadcast.” KBS said, “We wanted to share an honest story about sex education and circumcision of our children, and through this, we wanted to show how parents and children understand each other.” The whole family agreed to the show.” He continued, “(Eaaaedu) was a decision made after a month and a half of discussion and discussion by the students and their parents, and it was their own voluntary decision.” “All the surgical scenes were filmed under the supervision of my parents, and the filming was completed in a warm atmosphere for all the cast members,” he added.

However, even after the production team’s position was published, the audience petition board said, “There is no sincerity in the apology. It was argued that it was wrong to start whaling as a rite of passage and force it on children who did not have the subjectivity.” The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said, “It is possible to clean the genitals, avoid chronic inflammation caused by the glans penis, and prevent balanoposthitis, urinary tract infection, and penile cancer, but if hygiene can be maintained appropriate, not all men need circumcision.” reveal The male circumcision rate in Korea has been on a steady decline since the 2010s.

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