The Controversy Surrounding Famous Bella-Prime Heroines and Stepping on Lava Moss in Iceland

Drama Surrounds Famous Heroines Over Controversial Photos

A recent controversy has engulfed two beloved heroines, Bella Ranee and Pream Ranida, as pictures of them posing and stepping on lava moss during their trip to Iceland have surfaced. The online world has been abuzz with heated debates and criticisms, prompting the need for a careful examination of the situation.

The drama reached its peak with the involvement of Dr. Pornthip, also known as Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, a prominent member of the Senedd (Senador). Dr. Pornthip shared a photo on a lava moss-covered field from her visit to Iceland, which received heavy criticism from netizens. They argued that lava moss is a protected plant and should never be stepped on, pointing out warning signs present in the area. Dr. Pornthip promptly removed the post in response.

However, supporters of Bella and Pream have come to their defense, claiming that the actresses visited Iceland in 2016, well before the implementation of warning signs. They argue that Bella and Pream should not be held accountable for something they were not aware of at the time. In addition, they point out the abundance of tourists who have previously posed and taken pictures on the lava moss.

While the controversy continues to escalate, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction and carefully analyze the timeline of events. The actions and intentions of Bella and Pream should be examined within the context of their visit to Iceland and the prevailing circumstances at that time.

Drama spreads to the famous Bella-Prime heroines, pictures of her stepping on lava moss were dug up. There were people who helped to counter and explain why the famous heroine was not wrong.

Drama spreading with a famous heroine After criticism of the hot drama, Dr Pornthip or Dr Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, a member of the Senedd (Senador), posted a photo on a field of lava moss. While traveling in Iceland He was heavily criticized even because lava moss is a protected plant that should not be stepped on. There is also evidence of a warning sign in that area. Before Dr. Phonthip immediately deleted the said post.

Recently, a dramatic story spread with photos of two famous heroines, best friends Bella Ranee and Pream Ranida, being dug up while traveling to Iceland. and went to take pictures sitting and stepping on lava moss too, causing controversy in the online world

Netizens said on behalf of Bella and Preme that they both traveled to Iceland in 2016, but it was only at the beginning of 2018 that warning signs were issued, confirming that the two leading actresses were definitely not at fault. Furthermore, in the past there have been many pictures of tourists posing and taking pictures before a wedding.

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