The Corona virus scare never ends, a new, more infectious and widely spreading variant of the corona virus found in China warns WHO | Corona Virus Update: The world is again afraid of Corona, the new variants found in China are more deadly

The latest on coronavirus: Although there has been a recent reduction in the number of cases of the coronavirus, the threat of an epidemic remains. Millions of people around the world are still fighting this disease. New corona cases are still being reported in India.

At the end of 2019, the disease caused by the corona virus (Sars Cov2) was discovered in Wuhan, China. It has killed millions of people worldwide so far and many are still suffering from the side effects of this virus.

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Recent reports coming out of China suggest that it is not time to ignore or take this virus for granted. In other words, should a new variant of the corona virus be discovered and its spread intensify, China has once again imposed lockdown and travel restrictions.

Recently, omicron subvariants bf.7 and ba.5.1.7 have been discovered in China. These variants are said to be very lethal and spread very quickly. This new variant found in China is more deadly than the corona variants found previously. This variety is said to have a very high spreading ability.

Studies suggest that the newly discovered omicron bf.7 and ba.5.1.7 sub-variants are a sub-lineage or sub-variant of the covid omicron BA.5.2.1 variant.

The bf.7 and ba.5.1.7 variants have been found in several locations in China in October, according to reports from local Chinese media.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already issued a strong warning against bf.7 and ba.5.1.7.

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