The council does not protect the national interest, shame on the people of Thailand!?

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It is customary almost every year. The media that monitor and report the movements of politicians and important officials to be nicknamed and reflect the work of each individual in that agency, including the government, parliament, etc.

This year for the Thai Parliament to be labeled “not acting in the interests of the nation and the people” is a shame and a great disappointment.

Let’s review again by bringing some stories and episodes to show again. which the media in the parliament gave the nickname of the House of Representatives : the wrecked council by like a large ship Carrying responsibility for the lives of the people and public administration by means of approving various draft laws so that government agencies have the power to treat people’s suffering and health But found that this council ship in the year 2021 has encountered the problem of the council sinking. It started at the end of the first session of the National Assembly and became more intense throughout November and December.

Usually, the problem of bad councils is not normal. But this council often shows until it becomes repetitive and did not think to caulk the ship’s holes to prevent problems despite the fact that the council collapse is a big deal because that means various government jobs waiting for the council to stop This caused the country to lose opportunities just because the government’s MPs were not aware of the duties of the MPs, as well as that they were the majority. and escaped from the sound of flooding therefore attending the council meeting

At the same time, the opposition MPs are focused on playing political games when they see that there are few government MPs. will immediately request a quorum of the meeting and willingly did not present himself as a quorum Both addressing various matters At council meetings, therefore, councils are wrecked more often than boats. thus reflecting that MPs from both sides does not take advantage of the nation and the people as a location

In addition, there is a nickname of the Senate: Elder Watching the Heritage (NCPO). Most of the senators are elderly people. They are seen as guarding the structure of the inheritance. and the mechanism for the succession of the NCPO’s power firmly

And interestingly, it was picked up as a highlight of the year: a political rebellion to overthrow the prime minister. that occurred in late August In the battle of distrust of the government The opposition offered to interrogate six ministers, but the highlight was outside the meeting room. When it was reported that Capt. Thammanat Promphao at that time was also the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. lobby wiring Government MPs to vote of no confidence Gen. Prayut be prime minister But this secret was made public. become big news which has never been seen before in Thai political history where the party goers walk the game lobby MPs in their own party to overthrow the Prime Minister

This incident led to a serious conflict between the Prime Minister and Capt. Thammanat, the Prime Minister viewing Capt. Thammanat as an aether. Moreover, shortly after the incident It was announced in the Government Gazette that Capt. Thammanat was dismissed from the position of Deputy Minister. To this day, the feeling of doubt still persists.

At the same time, what reinforces the quality of This member of the House of Representatives is inferior many times in the past. with the need to cancel the position “Permanently good people Srisapa”, although in these years The parliamentary press will not hand over the title to anyone. because I still can’t see who is right It is a good role model for the legislative branch. Therefore, there is a common opinion that This position should be canceled permanently. Until in the future there will be a member of Parliament who has behavior suitable for the said position.

That’s the view of the parliamentary media. through the mobilization of their opinions on the functions of the members of Parliament claiming to be “Honorable” under the democratic regime But if considering the results, it must be considered “not worth it” because if said that the members of the council Neither the opposition nor the government acted with the interests of the nation and the people. It’s considered a “shame”. Everything is fine. “Political games” for political gains are even more disgusting.

However, when considering from the point of view of the aforementioned media should not be much different from the general opinion of the villagers having seen the behavior and speech of MPs, both in the form of interviews and discussion in the council chamber which must be directly stated that Many people have behaviors that are not different from “bum” because if compared to the past. Many times, it must be regarded as the era where the MPs were heavily criticized in every aspect.

In addition, the movement was described as “A rebellion to overthrow the prime minister” from news reports that Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, who at that time was both a minister of the government. and secretary-general of the Palang Pracharat Party who is a mainstay in supporting Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha as Prime Minister But there were reports of movements to have a “falling vote” leading to the subsequent dismissal of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Let’s say that this council and the current members of the House of Representatives have everything “Except for quality” makes the image of the Council. which the legislature has more and more negative images, and of course, it must also affect the meaning of “Democracy” as a whole as well. Because the council is representative of the people, at the same time, although I do not want to be mentioned as irritating due to the quality of MPs like this It’s definitely a reflection through the elections of the villagers.

Therefore, I can only dream faintly that next year, which is the end of the term of the current council Positive image and quality will be improved. It is dependent on most of the villagers. especially to correct behavior that must be done for the benefit of the nation and the people!!



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