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The council is boiling! Chunpaiboon accused Opposition calls for a quorum Can’t finish clearing – fresh news

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The council was boiling, Paiboon accused the opposition of missing the meeting for the Thai people to be angry, asking them to call the names to count the quorum, rest 15 minutes and not finish. Finally have to call the name

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at 10:00 a.m. on November 24, 2021 at the National Assembly. There was a meeting of the House of Representatives. There was Mr. Chuan Leekpai, chairman of the council, acting as the chairman of the meeting. before entering the meeting agenda Mr. Atakorn Sirilatthayakon, Member of the List of Members Palang Pracharath Party proposed to postpone the meeting agenda on 25 November by bringing a motion requesting the Council Set up an extraordinary commission to consider the opening of a comprehensive entertainment complex (Entertainment Complex) to find new sources of income from foreign tourists entering the country. come up for consideration

butChulaphan Amornwiwat, a member of the Chiang Mai MPs, opposes the Pheu Thai Party. said there was no urgent need Asked to consider in accordance with the original agenda of 25 Nov. Finally had to vote for a decisive vote. As a result, the meeting agreed to postpone the motion for consideration first with a vote of 234 to 80 abstaining from voting 1. make Mr. Phichet Chua Mueang Phan, a Chiang Rai MP, Pheu Thai Party, was not satisfied, saying that unable to use urgent motion to replace the regular agenda frequently If it’s not really important and urgent.

whileMr. Paiboon Nititawan, member of the list of MPs Palang Pracharath Party immediately get up and respondthat he wants to reveal the names of people who refuse to attend the meeting Because they know that most of them belong to the opposition. This made the opposition MPs dissatisfied. protest A chaos ensued in the meeting room.

By Mr. Pichet shouting the garden loudly that “People named Paiboon are really bad.”

Reporters reported that During that time, Mr. Chuan try to mediate to calm the situation allowing the meeting to continue ready for Mr. Paiboon to withdraw his accusation against the opposition Although Mr. Paiboon withdrew his words But the opposition continues to protest.

by Mr. Chulaphan got up and said in a displeased tone.that the opposition is in the meeting room all the time from morning till evening when accused like this would like to propose a motion to count the quorum by calling the name Although Mr. Chuan tried to request that the motion be withdrawn, saying that he did not agree with what Mr. Paiboon said. But Mr. Paiboon retracted his statement. The story should end proceed to the next meeting But Mr. Chulaphan insisted not to withdraw the motion.

While Mr. Kru Manit Sangpoom, MP for Surin, Pheu Thai Party added that What Mr. Paiboon said caused the opposition to be viewed in the wrong way by the people. Mr. Paiboon’s behavior was often insulting to the opposition. Just withdrawing the words is not enough. had to sit in front of the throne and bring flowers to apologize Then go tell Mr. Chulaphan to withdraw the motion.

thenMr. Niroth Soonthorn, secretary of the Nakhon Sawan MP Palang Pracharath Party as the chairman of the government whip said that there are no rules for the meeting Ask to count the quorum by calling their names. During the meeting, therefore, a motion is requested to pass a resolution by inserting a card to count the quorum as another motion. causing more chaos in the council Opposition MPs protested what Mr. Nirodha

by Mr. Chulaphan said There has never been a custom that when a quorum was proposed to be summoned There will be a double motion to count the quorum by inserting a card.

Both sides argued for more than 20 minutes until Mr. Nirodha offered to request a 10 minute break from the meeting to whip both sides. to agree to clear the conflict which Mr. Chuan allowed to take a 15-minute break from the meeting

Later, at 11:34, the meeting resumed.Mr. Chulaphan said There has been a discussion between the two whips. I have to thank the chairman of the government whip. who promised that there would be no more conflicts and willing to withdraw the quorum count by inserting a card But the opposition needs to have a quorum be counted by calling on their names.

While Mr. Niroth mentioned the reason for the withdrawal of the card-plugged quorum count, Even the tradition is a matter of tradition. Regulations are regulations. But in order for the operation to go, it must be withdrawn.

The meeting then began to count the quorum by calling the names.

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