The court adjourned to read the PDRC treason case appeal.

The Criminal Court postponed the appeal of the PDRC treason case, protesting against the Yingluck government. because the judgment is not yet complete

On March 21, at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road The Court arranged to hear the judgment of the Court of Appeal on the case. PDRC, number du Aor 247/2561, filed by the prosecutor of the Special Cases Department 4 as the plaintiff. Suthep Thaugsuban, former secretary general of the PDRC, together with 39 PDRC leaders and allies Being a defendant in the crime of conspiracy to commit treason, terrorism, instigating a strike, appearing orally or in any other way Causing a disturbance in the kingdom, a secret society, a hideout for thieves, gathering by 10 or more people, causing disorder in the country, invading at night and jointly blocking the election Mr. refused. Suthep and all the defendants, they were asked to fight the case and everyone was released on bail.

In this case, the plaintiff’s prosecutor stated that the prosecution concluded that between November 23, 2013 – May 1, 2014 continuously, Mr Suthep, the 1st defendant, established a group of people named “The People’s Committee for the Transformation and Reform of Thailand to a Full Democracy with the King as Head of State” or the PDRC group, with Mr. Suthep is secretary general By joining together as a group of thieves, a gang of thieves, the forces share their duties, committing crimes against the security of the state within the kingdom. Foundation as a rebel to overthrow the 2007 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, changing the order of legislative power, executive power and judicial power. by jointly encouraging people throughout the country to join in rebellious fire rallies to repel Miss Yingluck Shinawatra Prime Minister (at the time) to retire Including blocking the general election of MPs to prevent the new Prime Minister and Cabinet (Cabinet) from taking over the country. Have high ranking officials report to the PDRC.

After that, the PDRC will appoint a group of people to run the country as a sovereign people’s government. who will issue an order to appoint the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and bring the list of names to the King himself Including setting up part of the armed forces to invade government buildings and important agencies such as House the Government. National Police Agency Metropolitan Police Headquarters Lak Si Regional Office Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japanese Stadium, Din Daeng) to prevent the government from administering state affairs. including blocking blocking transport routes causing people to suffer

In addition, between January 13 and March 2, 2014, the accused blocked Bangkok by setting up a speech platform throughout Bangkok, a total of 7 points, blocking traffic routes. Establishing an area defense force placing barricades Refusing to allow government officials to participate All of the defendants’ actions were inconsistent with the provisions of the 2007 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand to overthrow or alter the constitutional executive power. It happened in Bangkok and many other areas throughout the kingdom are related

He therefore asked the court to sentence the defendants also According to the Criminal Code Sections 113, 116, 117, 135/1, 209, 210, 215, 216, 362, 364, 365 and the Organic Act on the Election of MPs and Procurement of MPs 2007 Section 76, 152

However, today the court has postponed the reading of the judgment. (Unspecified date) because the Court of Appeal has not yet completed its ruling.

For the list of all 39 defendants in this case, sort by 1. Mr. Suthep Thuagsuban 2. Mr. Satit Wongnongtoei 3. Mr. Chumpol Julsai 4. Mr. Putthipong Punnakanta 5. Mr. Issara Somchai 6. Mr. Wittaya Kaewparadai 7. Mr. Thavorn Senniam 8. Mr. Ekanat Promphan 10. Ms. Anchalee Pairerak 11. Gen. Preecha Iamsuphan (deceased) 12. Somkiat Pongpaiboon 13. Mr. Yossak Kosaikanon 14. Mr. Thanom Onketphol 15. Mr Somsak Kosaisuk

16. Suwit Thongprasert or former Buddha Isara 17. Mr. Satit Segal 18. Ms. Rangsima Rodrasamee 19. Admiral Watchara Rittakanee 20. Admiral Chai Suwannaphap 21. Mr. Kaewsan Atiphot 22. Paiboon Mr. 24. Lt. Sam Din Lertbut 25. Mr Munmaen Kakandee 26. Mr Komsan Thongsiri 27. Gen Pathom Pong Gaysornsuk 28. Mr Pipop Thongchai 29. Sawit Kaewwan 30. Mr. Suriyasai Katasila

31. Suriyan Thongnuiad 32. Pol Lt. Col. Pattarapong Supiyapanich 33. Samran Rodphet 34. Amorn Amornratananont 35. Mr Pichet Pattanachot 36. Mr. Somboon Thongburan 37. Mr Kittichai Saisa-yn 38. Mrs. Taya Teepsuwan and 39. Mr. Jermsak Gold pin.

The Court of First Instance read the judgment on February 24, 2021, after examining the evidence presented by the plaintiff and the defendant. 1. Mr Suthep: 5 years imprisonment; 2. Mr Satit is not guilty; 3. Mr Chumphon: 9 years and 24 months imprisonment; 4. Mr Putthipong: 7 years imprisonment; 5. Mr Issara: 7 years imprisonment. 16 months 6. Mr. Wittaya 1 year imprisonment, 13,333 baht fine, suspended for 2 years 7. Mr. Thavorn 5 years imprisonment 8. Mr. Natthaphon prison 6 years 16 months 9. Mr Ekanat prison 1 year, fine 13,333 baht years suspended 10. Ms Anchalee 1 year prison, fine 13,333 baht, 2 years suspended 12. Mr Somkiat 1 year prison , 13,333 baht fine, 2 years suspended 13. Mr. refused. Yossak charges 14. Mr Thanom Imprisoned for 1 year, fined 13,333 baht, suspended for 2 years 15. Mr Somsak, imprisoned for 3 years

16. Mr. Suwit, prison for 4 years and 8 months 17. Mr Satit, prison for 2 years, a fine of 26,666 baht, suspended for 2 years 18. Ms Rangsima acquitted 19. ACM Watchara, prison for 1 year, a fine of 13,333 baht 2 years prison 20. Administrator Chai imprisoned for one year, fined 13,333 baht, suspended for 2 years 21. Mr Kaewsan acquitted 22. Mr Paiboon acquitted 23. Acquitted Mr. Tawin 24. Lt. Samdin, prison for 4 years 16 months 25.Mr. for 2 years 30. Suriyai, prison for 2 years.

31. Mr Suriyan is not guilty 32. Poll Lt. Col. Pattarapong is not guilty 33. Mr. Samran has been imprisoned for 2 years and 16 months 34. Mr. , awaiting Punishment for 2 years, 36. Mr. Somboon not guilty, 37. Mr Kittichai, jailed for 4 months, fined 6,666 baht, suspended for 2 years, 38. Mrs Taya, jailed for 1 year and 8 months, fined 26,666 baht, suspended for 2 years, and 39. Jermsak is not guilty.

The reporter reports that summary dismiss Defendants 2, 13, 18, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 31, 32, 36, 39, a total of 12 people and Parole 12 people as well, with the court reasoning for those on parole that some were only participants in the assembly Although some of them were leaders in the rally as well. But the crimes committed by each defendant are fewer than other defendants.

In addition, there was no scandalous behaviour. or violently from the rally In addition, it did not appear that the accused had been sentenced to prison before. Therefore, it is appropriate to give the accused a chance to turn himself into a good citizen.

In addition, the right to vote defendants 3, 5, 8, 16, 24, 33, 38 is scheduled for 5 years, counting the punishment of defendants 15, 25, 30 after the punishment at the end of the lawsuit as well.


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