The court banned AIS PLAYBOX from filming the World Cup live after True Group filed a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Intellectual Property Court A temporary protection order bans SBN, provider of AIS PLAYBOX, from broadcasting live coverage of the World Cup in Qatar. After True Group filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement Broadcasting live through the IPTV network, True Jang does not affect people who watch through free TV in general, including satellite TV-cable TV.
Today (November 26) it was reported after concerns about several IPTV box operators claiming the Must Carry rule and broadcasting the FIFA World Cup Final (FiFA World Cup Final 2022) without the permission of the owner of the copyright rights, in violation of intellectual property laws and is recognized internationally. and it will affect the chances of watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final in Thailand

“True Group”, as the exclusive broadcaster of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final in Thailand in IPTV and OTT systems, has protected intellectual property rights by Filing a lawsuit against an Internet TV service provider that provides service through AIS PLAYBOX i’ r Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. Along with submitting a petition to the court for a temporary injunction against copyright infringement.

Most recently, on the night of November 25, 2022, the Intellectual Property Court Banned Super Broadband Network Co, Ltd (SBN), provider of AIS PLAYBOX from broadcasting and telecasting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final held in Qatar. which protects the rights of True Group as a person with a legal right
From such temporary protection measures, True Group Therefore, we would like to inform all unlicensed IPTV and OTT TV service providers to immediately stop broadcasting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final in order to comply with such court orders and avoid possible consequences further infringement of intellectual property rights.
According to the temporary protection order of the Intellectual Property Court this time, True Group would like to clarify that it will not affect the rights of the public to watch the World Cup Final. Thai people can still watch the World Cup Finals via TV services in general (free TV) as usual, including being able to watch all games through pay TV service providers (Pay TV) in cable TV and satellite TV systems that have been encoding in accordance with the standards and criteria already established.

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