The court case, Yong Luk Yee did not pay, Yui called half a million! Thousands, tens of thousands, you can talk

The court case, Yong Luk Yee did not pay after Yui, many relatives, demanding compensation of half a million! Say if after thousands, after ten thousand, you can talk. I won’t talk from now on. let the lawyer talk

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From the case on 7 Jan. 65 Comedian “Yong Luk Yee” Traveled to meet the investigative officer at Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nonthaburi Province on a valid summons. Famous country singer “Yui, many relatives” File a complaint of defamation because Yong Luk Yee went live via Facebook on August 1, 64, in a sarcastic and insulting manner, accusing Yui of many relatives as outdated singers.

Until Yong Luk Yee came to testify and acknowledge the allegations with the investigating officer. ready to open up that admit that it was wrong to say something harsh but refuses to have no intention to be inferior or bully him Which they are ready to apologize and talk because they saw Yui since childhood in the country music industry together Therefore, I think that we should come and talk to each other and negotiate and apologize.

Later, the famous luk thung singer “Yui Yay Yay” posted on Facebook about On Friday, the other party acknowledged the allegations against the authorities and another appointment was scheduled for Monday. In which Yui has called for damages to compensate in the amount of 500,000 baht. After receiving all the information, the other party requested an appointment again on February 10, 65.

Recently (11 Jan. 65), comedian Yong Lookyee opened his mind through Amarin News again that during this period in the morning mediation, he had already met with “Yui, many relatives”, which he did not negotiate. Like his page, he posted and told him not to expect anything from him. But I studied the law. how to do Just now, the elders, this case is a court case. So he said he wanted to end it. which I myself want to finish But the lawyer said he wants us to heal the impact on our speech.

by himself trying to clarify that The effect has been around for a long time for those of us who are artists. It has a covid coming in. It has had an impact for a long time. Now, how much do you want yourself to heal? Open up if you can, because you want to end. But back to open with a strong 500,000 baht, which he said. If after thousands after ten thousand, you can talk. If from now on, I don’t talk.

which is the best solution when he said a lawyer I myself have to use a lawyer as well in order to let the lawyer talk because I myself want to finish Accepting that 500,000 baht can’t be called. After this, wait to see the police and lawyers talk to him first. Now we can give each other time. As far as we talked, he didn’t want to end it. He knows what he wants and calls for 500,000 baht, which he can’t tell the lawyer to agree on the possibility. This kind of case is already a court case. It must be agreed upon It has to talk I admit myself wanting to finish, not wanting to go to court.

On the side of Yui, many relatives do not say anything, but his girlfriend is the one who calls 500,000 baht, but the money is 500,000 baht. He plays a drama for a year. Can’t confirm and let the lawyer talk. I don’t talk anymore Well, it’s up to him.

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