The court fined the famous milk tea, fire-breathing bear, 10 million for violating the fire-breathing tiger, pointing out that inspiration and peeling are not the same.

The Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court has ordered the owner of the Bubble Bear Tea Brand to pay damages of 10 million plus hundred thousand per month from the date of the lawsuit. after the owner of the tiger brand sued for violating the shadow The plaintiff wants all business people to be aware and respectful of each other. Inspiration and intentional copying are not the same thing. and may have legal implications

On December 23, the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court sentenced Niphon Suriyalumlert, owner of the bubble tea franchise, The Fire Bear, and two of them to compensate. to the plaintiff In the amount of 10,000,000 baht with legal interest from the date of filing including paying damages of 100,000 baht per month from the date of filing Until the two defendants terminate the said infringement.

This case follows Ms. Nuntanat Uasirisub and Ruay Sabai Sabai Co., Ltd., owners of the Fire Tiger bubble tea brand, as the plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Niphon and the group on 30 November 2020 at Passed on the offense of trademark infringement under the Trademark Act 2534 and asked the court to order the defendant to prohibit the defendant from infringing on the plaintiff’s trademark and service mark rights. Stop using trademarks and service marks that are similar to the plaintiff.

The court found that the defendant’s use of the terms “Fire Bear” and “The Fire Bear” as the shop names. goods and services Business and is the name of bubble tea. including the use of a fire-breathing bear head sculpture that looks like an opening to deliver bubble tea products to customers Like the plaintiff’s business would make people understand that it is a shop that has the same owner or products from the same source Considered to deceive the public to believe that the defendant’s goods or trade belong to the plaintiff or related to the plaintiff. Therefore, it is considered an infringement of fraudulent sales.

However, there are still criminal cases that Ms. Nantanat and Rich Sabai Sabai Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Niphon and others. The court postponed the investigation of the precedent to February 2022.

On Facebook, Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club posted a message saying: “At FIRE TIGER, we take intellectual property and business seriously from the beginning. We have registered for the protection of all intellectual property from the beginning, including all of our brands.

Winning today’s FIRE TIGER brand is a good starting point that we think we want all business people to realize and value doing business with respect for each other. Getting inspired by our business and intentional plagiarism are not the same and may have legal implications.

FIRE TIGER bubble tea brand FIRE TIGER has been in operation since 2018. Currently, there are 16 branches nationwide and 13 branches abroad around the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia. It is preparing to expand a new branch in the United States in early 2022, while Bubble tea brand, Bear Spraying Fire, has more than 200 branches across the country in just 2 years since August 2019.

FIRE TIGER The encouragement that has always been given to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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for the brand Fire Tiger bubble tea or fire-breathing tiger Opened the first branch at Siam Square Soi 3 in June 2018. Burnt sugar is nougat hard. Topping on creamy taste, not sweet, light milk tea aroma and burnt sugar. There is also a sculpture of a tiger head delivering drinks to customers through the mouth of the tiger. that is unique to the shop