| The court has suspended the appointment of the Electoral Commissioner

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has severely criticized the action of the Central Government in appointing Arun Goyal as the Central Election Commissioner.

The court observed that Goyal’s appointment was done at lightning speed. Goyal’s appointment is being considered by Justice KM Joseph came before the five member constitution bench. The case was adjourned for judgment.

Goyal’s appointment was brought to the notice of the court by Prashant Bhushan, advocate of the petitioners, during the hearing held last Wednesday. Subsequently, the court directed the central government to produce the related files. Yesterday, when it heard the case again, the court examined the files and found that it did not take even 24 hours to appoint Goyal.

Goyal, who retired from IAS, was appointed to the vacant post of commissioner in the Central Election Commission on the 19th. He took over on the 21st last. Attorney General R. who appeared on behalf of the central government asked why there was such a rush when the appointment of the Electoral Commission was under the consideration of the court. Venkataramani to Justice KM Joseph asked.

Goyal, who was a secretary in the Union Ministry of Heavy Industries, retired on the 18th. Adv. Prashant Bhushan informed the court. Justice Ajay Rastogi from the Constitution Bench drew attention to the fact that the position of commissioner has been vacant since last May.

This quickie is proof that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. But in the case of Goyal’s appointment, the application was also submitted on the same day as the notification was published. On the same day, the application was accepted and the appointment made. The file transfer didn’t even take 24 hours. Justice Rastogi asked what kind of inspection was done during this lightning strike.

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