The court said the nun’s statement was not credible and made false allegations for power

Kottayam, First Published Jan 14, 2022, 10:55 PM IST

Kottayam: A copy of the verdict of the Kottayam Additional District Sessions Court in the case of rape of a nun has been released. The court dismissed the case and acquitted Bishop Franco because the nun’s statement was not credible. The copy of the verdict states that the nun was in the interest of others and made false allegations for power. The judgment also states that the complaint and the case do not exist.

The verdict states that all seven sections of the indictment against Franco do not exist. The nun’s allegation that the bishop raped her several times does not stand. There were some disputes between the bishop and the complainant at the nunnery. There was a power struggle between the two groups and it is doubtful that this case was a continuation of that. The statements of the nun and her companions are not credible. This is a case of rice and wheat. It is therefore not possible at present with the evidence presented by the prosecution.

The statement of the nun is not credible. Many things are exaggerated. The nun spoke at different stages and in different ways. At the same time as filing a complaint against the bishop, they say that the complainant and the accompanying nuns can settle the complaint if they are allowed another monastery. All this casts doubt on their words. There is no doubt that the nun was sexually abused. But before the case against the bishop could be heard, many complaints were made against them. A relative of the complainant had lodged a complaint against them.

There are also several omissions on the part of the prosecution in the conduct of the case. Defendant argued that the nun had links with many others, not the bishop. The prosecution could not refute this argument. Defendant contends that if the nun’s mobile phone had been checked, the matter would have been clarified.

Court dismisses bishop –

Bishop Franco Mula was acquitted this morning by a court of law for raping a nun. The Bishop was acquitted by the Kottayam Additional District Sessions Court on the ground that all the seven charges leveled by the prosecution would not stand. The prosecution said the verdict was shocking and the appeal would go ahead. The respondent’s response was that the false complaint had been dismissed.

This was seen in the Kottayam court shortly after the verdict was pronounced. The prosecution was shocked to hear that the bishop had been released. Bishop Franco and his companions did not hide their joy and happiness as they bowed their heads in the courtroom. The main prosecution had argued that the bishop had raped the nun of Kuravilangad Math with his authority as a bishop and had repeatedly raped her from 2014-16.

Other allegations were that the victim was detained and subjected to unnatural sexual harassment. But the court acquitted Bishop Franco, saying the prosecution had failed to prove any of this. Lack of scientific evidence. Depending on circumstantial evidence and statements alone, the prosecution calculated that the delay in filing the complaint and some disputes between the bishop and the nun over the monastery may have backfired.

The prosecution’s response was that the verdict was unexpected and that an appeal would be made to the High Court. Defendant contends that the case itself was fabricated and proved to be a hoax by the nuns. Defendant also responded that the conspiracy to settle personal enmity against the bishop had failed.

The verdict in the case, which has caused a lot of controversy in the state, was delivered by the judge in a single sentence. After the verdict was announced, dramatic scenes unfolded outside the courtroom. Franco arrived at the courthouse around 9:30 a.m., blindfolded by reporters waiting outside. Reaching through another door. He also had a helper and two brothers. Judge G Gopakumar then proceeded to the chamber.

Franco was sitting in the courtroom, completely agitated. From time to time I was looking for one on my mobile phone. Public Prosecutor Jitesh J Babu and former investigating officer K Subhash Mohandas appeared in court on the 10th. At exactly eleven o’clock, Franco considered the first case. Judgment in a single sentence that he was acquitted at 11.04 to the astonishment of all. After hearing the verdict, Franco and his team walked out of court. Emotional scenes of hugging accomplices and lawyers

Meanwhile, Franco supporters began distributing ladu outside the court. Distribution of newsletter of the Diocese of Jalandhar thanking the court order as everything was confirmed. Shortly after the verdict, the bishop’s friends and relatives distributed sweets on the court premises. The Jalandhar diocese also responded that justice had prevailed.

The courtroom with Franco moved out of the premises, defying a large media group. The public prosecutor and the investigating officers were utterly disappointed. The response from the DySP, who was the investigating officer, was that the court should have looked at the complaint of a woman who had no one.

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