The court temporarily released “Bam-Tawan” after the director of Thammasat Hospital filed a petition : PPTVHD36

The court temporarily released “Bam-Tawan” after the director Thammasat University Hospital filed a complaint saying that the defendant is in a critical condition and may die.

Dr Pruhas Tor-Udom, Director of Thammasat University Hospital Filing a complaint with the Criminal Court Temporarily releasing Ms Thantawan Tulanont in the black case number 1237/2565 that the prosecutor has filed a legal case against Ms. Thantawan as defendant.

Director of Thammasat University Hospital Refers to status as a government official in a medical facility where prisoners are entrusted under judicial supervision and assigned by the Department of Corrections. request for the temporary release of the defendant who reported the health of the defendant who has fasted food and water to be claimed as requested From the evening of January 18, 2023

Thammasat University Hospital announced the latest “Tawan-Bam” symptoms, fatigue and dry mouth.

The opening costs of the first month of the year January ’23 of the home still touch 18,190 baht.

By noting the most recent symptoms on the morning of February 6, 2023, the general symptoms of the prisoners are higher in blood ketones. and the filtering efficiency of the kidneys is greatly reduced it can be life threatening The hospital found that the accused was in an unfit condition to be kept in custody pending consideration. and his physical health was in a critical state.

therefore asking the court to consider revoking the detention warrant and granting temporary release pending the trial without conditions in accordance with the rules set out in the constitution on the presumption of the accused to be innocent until proven guilty judgment is made.

and the principle of restraining the accused or the defendant as necessary to prevent escape, which will facilitate the treatment and rehabilitation of the defendant and reduce potentially life-threatening conditions.

The Criminal Court considered that The defendant is in the care of the hospital where the petitioner is in charge. When the petitioner, a doctor, reports that the defendant is in critical condition, he may die. together with the defendant’s visit from close people In a case where the defendant is still in the care of correctional officers, it must be in accordance with the regulations. This can be a problem in improving the defendant’s mind while in crisis.

If there is reasonable cause to grant a warrant of temporary release for the defendant The period of 1 month under the Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 71, paragraph three, when the time of temporary release has expired, the defendant must report to the court. by issuing a warrant to release the defendant today and informing the plaintiff

On the same day, the director of Thammasat University Hospital Filed a complaint with the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. Temporarily release Ms. Orawan Phuphong or Bam, the 7th defendant in the black case, Aor 765/2565.

The Court considered that The petitioner is the director of the hospital treating the 7th defendant, the petitioner is not a person involved in the Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 106, but when it appears as in the petition that He confirmed the defendant that he refused to receive treatment and declared his intention to receive treatment from an outside hospital.

without eating Defendant No. 7’s general condition had deteriorated to such an extent that it could be a threat to life. Due to the increase in ketone levels in the blood and the filtration efficiency of the kidneys is greatly reduced. The defendant was in a state unfit to be detained during the trial and his physical health was in a serious state.

If the defendant is still in custody, there is a chance that the defendant may die while in custody, according to the officers’ inspection report and the Women’s Central Correctional Institute book. referring to the Thammasat University Hospital statement

believable then The disease is in a serious condition. If the 7th defendant’s imprisonment continues, it may be life-threatening. As such, any conditions of temporary release during this time therefore not important And it is even more necessary than the protection of life.

The 7th defendant were both sick unto death. There is little chance of causing harm or damage after a temporary release.

In addition, the 7th defendant had been temporarily released for a period and there were no circumstances to escape. Appearing before the court in this way By virtue of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 71, paragraph three and Section 108, paragraph two, it is considered appropriate to grant the temporary release of the 7th defendant without bail. Issue a warrant of discharge for the 7th defendant and a warrant of order for the 7th defendant and the petitioner. Directs the 7th defendant to appear in court as arranged.

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