The creator gives 'suits'; forward to rumors Meghan Markle

Aaron Korsh, creator of the popular network series in the US, spoke to the Deadline on speculation as to whether Meghan Markle, the Bank of Sussex Bank, will now look.

"From this moment I don't know which of our original old men will be back and so won't be as early in the season," he said. "I can tell you that those things are in the papers, I have no idea what they're talking."

The series started flying in 2011, and there will be 10 episodes in the final season.

The lawyer was the future as the lawyer Rachel Zane on the show and she left before she married Prince Harry.

Her character married an interest in love with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) during the seventh season season, and the two went on to sunset for a new life in Seattle.

Meghan leaves Markle to have a wedding

Korsh said that there was no truth in the British tabloid reports that she had given a huge donation to attract the back of the store.

"I didn't decide to give millions of dollars for anything on behalf of anyone so I can tell you, but as long as the original people were coming back, including Jessica (d & # 39);" Gina Torres Pearson, who will be in the business, "Pearson", has played with us so early in the season that we haven't done what we want, so we can't contact people before we understand what we want to do, "he said.

"Suits" are now on the eighth season.


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