The creditor called and perceived “Tak Mayura”, unlucky, being called a guarantor for lending money outside the system

It is called idle and bad luck has come to visit. When the great actors and hosts “Take Mayura Alabastercome out to reveal that the person was referred to by name and telephone number.guaranteeinformal lenders whoa creditorUnable to demand money from the debtor he was therefore called to scold Tak with harsh words

Cause Tak came out and posted to confirm that He has never guaranteed a loan to anyone, stating, “Please inform. Ms took Ruayrin P’Tak’s name and phone number to secure an informal loan. creditors can’t collect so come ask us (Severe curse early in the morning, confused, oh, what word did you find disgrace?)

Let me know here, Tak.never guaranteedanything to anyone a loanOutside the system, before asking anyone to borrow the guarantor’s name, you should look carefully at the head and tail. “When we make merit and give money to help people in need. Sometimes they respond to us like this, right, Ms Ruayrin?”

with someone suggesting Tak to inform the police Tak said “I have informed you. But just know that the loan is outside the system. Damn, very scary, he doesn’t know, brother.Bug which”

This incident caused a lot of entertainment and fans came to send encouragement to Tak. He said he had experienced the same thing. For example, very struck by Khun Tak, the mother at home is still struck by the sound asking for money, it will be silly, not speaking clearly as a foreigner, used to be told that we know the law, if we call to harass again, we will report We did not sign any acknowledgment. Not related, not asking for money, going to ask each other, lend themselves, then never call, I encourage. I found this too.


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