The crime in Detroit is down. Except for rape.


An overview of how evidence of sexual assault is collected and tested in crime laboratories.

The Detroit Police Department has a combat strategy, James Craig, Chief Police Officer of James, said reporters reported that the rates of criminal rates of 2018 have been paid for: the Detroit murder rate has fallen. So, the number of attacks, rock slopes, burglary, robbery, non-fatal slaughter. . . Almost across the board, Detroit's crime is down.

Except for rape.

On average, Detroit police received more than two rape reports every day of 2018. And when we talk about how the crime goes on this city, as it makes Detroiters leave long-term and stop others From this movement, it is almost impossible to understand why, year after year, we are not talking about rape.

During a 50-minute long press conference in January to announce this year's crime statistics, Craig and slate went to speakers from other law enforcement agencies because of the city's success in reducing gun violence. Rapes rated a number.

Organizations gathering evidence for rape equipment and crisis counseling are offered to victims of domestic and sexual violence having regard to the possibility that deep funds will be reduced under President Tr Trump's budget plan. (Photo: Drawing / Getty Images)

The number of rape reported to Detroit police in 2018 increased from 28% to 894 last year, from 697 in 2017. Detroit Police Department says that the biggest increase is attributable to a change in the way in which a number of third party reports on sexual assault.

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But even if this procedure completely changes the jump, the number of rape reporting In Detroit for several years – one of four rape is reported to police, the National Rape, Abuse & Disadvantage Network has been found, and false reports are rare – it is at least consistent.

So, although the police department said that there could be 2 per cent that there is a violent crime, a category including murder, rape, non-fatal shooting and acute attack down in Detroit technically Right, it's the eyes that cause the damage to its victims (and that men and boys are also victims of sexual assault, we are really talking about women – and African-American women in Detroit) and the attitude persists This crime is different, probably unavoidable.

But it's not.

There is no surefire way to prevent any crime. But it seems that it is best for those who hope to believe that, if they are more likely to be committed, they will be prosecuted and imprisoned.

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When any rape is known to other forms of violent crime, or is aimed at attempts to prevent crime? Well. We call the status quo.

Last year, the Wayne County processed the last 11,000 rape devices received without having to be seen in a dropped police warehouse ten years ago. County Prosecutor Wayne Kym Worthy worked hard to pursue the money needed to test all equipment, investigate the crimes and prosecutors.

These tests showed the wonderful facts: Hundreds of men whose DNA were collected were serial people. The average rappa attacks 7 to 11 victims before being caught, Worthy told me last year; More than 50 people involved in identifying their DNA in 15 rapes.

It is important that these serial offenders take early action to prevent rape, says the people who work to put them behind bars.

After arriving on the devices, Michigan Law Legislation successfully tested rape devices to be tested promptly. There is a new tracking system that will enable victims to follow the progress of those sexually active appliances as they are tried to start the country this summer. Researchers who have studied sexual assault work with police departments and prosecutors throughout Michigan to help them understand how the trauma affects sexual assault with victims of or from later or later.

These are big steps forward. Communities expecting to take careers on serial competitors need to convince victims who make a police report, interfere with the invasive procedures that need to collect physical evidence from their bodies, and face them to give their attacks to court in an aggressive prosecution of their attackers.

Craig emerged, which emerged in the main year of the Detroit Police Department following the warehouse of the unreported rape equipment collected, a cultural change in the Detroit Police Department, on accountability to test evidence and investigate rape. That's to believe it.

But if, when next year's crime staticities reveal, Craig announced that the number of rabbits that were made annually in this city was unacceptable, and that the Detroit Police Department was launching an attempt to prevent Raised in conjunction with the campaigns to reduce murder and property crime?

It would be a powerful recognition and that there is a continuing level of Detroit sexual assault into and is not in line with the idea of ​​a growing city.

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