The crow flew about, not thinking of any bad omen. Sian monk riding a motorcycle. Loss of control, hitting a tree, breaking a neck

The crow flew around for a few days, the villagers didn’t think it was a bad omen. Sian monk riding a motorcycle. He went to his wife’s house, helped thresh rice, came back, lost control, crashed into a tree, broke his neck and died.

On December 2, 2022, police at Non Sung Police Sub-District, Muang District, Udon Thani Province received a report that a motorcyclist had fallen into a tree. In Ban Nong Muen Thao Village Road, Moo 8, Non Sung Sub-District, so he went to check and found the body of Mr Samruay Somboon, 65 years old, Sian Phra.

Witnesses revealed that while watching the news on TV He heard a loud noise like a car hitting something, so he came out to see. he saw a car falling on the side of the road over the leg of the deceased, who at the time was still conscious But when someone came to help, it became clear that he was dead.

“A few days ago Crows were seen coming together to sing and hover around the village, and according to old times, that was considered If so, this would be a bad omen. I didn’t think today someone would actually die in front of the house.”

The deceased’s wife said The husband came to help thresh the rice. before telling him to go back first The deceased asks for a drink. before experiencing such a tragic event

Initially, the police did not find any scratch marks from other cars. He is expected to drink alcohol and ride a motorbike at high speed before colliding with a tree and breaking his neck to death.

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