The crowd settled down, SorTor. On the second day, the sarong warriors went on to the building, met “Anutin-Palard”, the bond to move “Mor Suphat” before being stopped by the police.

The Ministry of Doctors also encountered a mob monsoon. Revealing the worker crowd and sarong warriors, Chana area settles for a continuous rally on the 2nd day, with the crowd pregnant, not ready to attack yet On the side of the sarong warriors, invading the building of the Ministry of Public Health, Bie meets the Permanent Deputy Secretary-Anutin, the transfer bond “Mor Suphat”, the police activate the barricades, the Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health initiate negotiations to take care of order. While the crowd of workers took their turn to speak and anger “Brother Nu”

On February 7, reporters reported that the State Employees Union of Thailand (SLT) includes temporary workers from the Ministry of Public Health (PHS). service contractor (Monthly-Daily) 56 service helplines claiming welfare security rights. and a group of sarong warriors, villagers in Chana District, Songkhla Province, who asked to cancel the transfer order, MD Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Today, a rally is still for the second day by a group of warriors sarong of villagers in Chana District, Songkhla Province, formerly located outside the building. gather together and proceed to the building with a request to meet Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. Cause the officers that the police have to freeze as a barricade Do not allow raids into the construction area.

Mr. said Waini Sau, a representative of Dr.’s friends. Suphat and a fair-minded person, that we stayed overnight here for two days and he asked to meet with the executives of the Ministry of Public Health to answer our questions. But we didn’t get an answer. And I have not met one of the executives of the Ministry of Public Health who do not know what they are afraid of. not to meet them So I would like to see if you are here or not. Why don’t you meet them? can’t claim that they don’t know Because we came to sleep and stay overnight, so they had to get an answer from the police officer whether the letter had been sent to the executive committee or not. We could tell people all over the world that we had arrived, but the Permanent Secretary for Public Health did not do his duty and did not come down to us at all. We want to know where our books are. because every time it goes into the trash Our brothers and sisters are heartbroken to leave their children and grandchildren behind. but he got no answer

The reporter reported that Meanwhile, the police told the villagers not to panic. The group of villagers sat on the ground. and he asked the police officer to sit down too The police officer sat down to show compromise. And ask everyone to stay calm and not invade the building. which would be a crime under the law while the official The Ministry of Public Health has come to discuss. and promises that trying to coordinate and invite Dr. Yongyot Thammawut, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Department of Public Health, to meet the villagers of Chana.

Later at 10.20, Dr. Yongyos down to meet a group of Chana villagers. by sitting on the floor to discuss ready he said When coming to discuss with the villagers of Chana this time He has a random risk because he is very close with Dr. Suphat and he did not agree with the said transfer order but he had to learn, according to the information provided by the Minister of Public Health, that it was the Permanent Secretary for Public Health, who authorized the inspector general, to transfer to authority. The Ministry of Public Health is the signatory of the order, and sympathizes and understands the villagers who travel with good intentions. and he must study directly This move was the first time he was signed by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Public Health, who learned that the area is the border of the four provinces of the southern border and in the four areas of Songkhla province.

Dr Yongyot gave an interview after speaking to Chana villagers that the Permanent Secretary for Public Health had given him the power to take care of the order of the two groups of demonstrators, who he had already spoken to with the workers’ groups.

At the same time, in front of the Permanent Secretary’s Office building, the SorTor SorTor group is still settling down Take your turn on the stage Singing through the car amplifying and reprimanding Mr. Anutin for not meeting them. Although the news is released through all media, the Minister of Public Health remains silent. Then claiming that he is busy to meet. There are also mobs from the Tham Thang group and networks to support the choice of women who are not ready to get pregnant. who attacked to file a complaint about the barriers to accessing unsafe abortion services

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