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Due to the nature of the work we are dealing with, this article includes grotesque, vile expressions and screenshots.

“POSTAL: Brain Damaged” released for PC by Running With Scissors on June 10, 2022. It will be a spin-off work of the vile cruel game series “POSTAL”.

The “POSTAL” series was able to explore the field freely to some extent and had a strong adventure color, but this work is a stage clear type retro shooter that is popular now. Dive into the crazy spiritual world of the main character, Postal Dude.

In this article, I would like to deliver the actual content of such “POSTAL: Brain Damaged”.

Get closer to the actual content of “POSTAL: Brain Damaged”!

The developer of this work is not Running With Scissors who developed the series, but Hyper strange known for FPS works such as “ELDERBORN” and “Blood West”.

By the way, if you are a fan of “POSTAL”, when you hear “POSTAL outsourced”, you may have a bad feeling because there is a history that “Postal III”, which was also outsourced, was not good. But don’t worry. This work has the “likeness” of the series, but it is a solid and interesting work.

First of all, this work, the stage selection screen is very cool. As the name “Brain Damaged” suggests, this work explores the dream world of Postal Dude, who has an abnormality in his brain, but the stage that can be selected on the world map is stuck in Dude’s brain. There is a similar world map in the 1993 version of “DOOM”, but the sense of this work is Pikaichi.

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When you start the game, the cutscene starts, but from here there is already a strong parody that fans and gamers grin. Uwe Boll, who has been involved in many original movie games but is known for having a low rating and was also the director of the movie version “POSTAL: The Movie”, appeared as “UwU BALL” and his movie work. We are planning to run a marathon. “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale”, “House of the Dead”, “Far Cry”, etc. Dude tries to watch it.

However, Dude’s physical condition changed completely. He collapses on the sofa. When he wakes up, it’s in the suburbs for some reason. Dude looks like hospital clothes for some reason. In the suburbs, there are terrible guys such as retired policemen who shoot guns and dogs biting their legs and buttocks, and they have come to a ridiculous place.

The first weapon the player gets is the familiar shovel in the series. For some reason, this work has a chainsaw-like blade, which makes it look awful. You can also kick and pee as before (important here). Use the item “Hot Sauce” to instantly pee on fire and burn your enemies.

Weapons include a pistol that can be locked on, a double barrel shotgun with a hook shot, and a gun with a time throw function “BRAIN FUCKER GUN 69000 (BFG69000 for short)”. The double-barreled shotgun can be hooked on enemies for grapples and used for platform actions, so you can feel the influence of “DOOM Eternal”. If you use the grappling hook, the mobility of Dude will increase dramatically, and you can fight while jumping around. The power of the shotgun is also high, so you can enjoy a battle with a feeling of exhilaration that is a bit different from the original one.

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And the main element in the battle of this work is that there is a parry system. If you kick a flying bullet and bounce it off, the bullet will bounce off the enemy, and you can explode to death after slow motion (legs are too strong). The timing is surprisingly loose, and if you get used to it, you can use it to avoid a pinch.

The map of the suburbs, which is the first stage, is quite wide, and it is worth exploring. For some reason, while a gentle BGM is flowing, I find the red, blue, and yellow keys, open the door, and aim for the goal, like a retro-style FPS. The field is complicated and there are moments when it slumps a little, but if you explore it carefully, you can find small stories that make you laugh. My favorite little story and gimmick I found was the corpse of the “The Sims” parody.When you pee, Ji-chin grows up and

Many enemies such as an uncle shooting a shotgun, a ferocious dog, and a pig (?) Throwing a hamburger are wandering around, so aim for the goal while defeating them. This stage has a mysterious atmosphere with big holes in the ground and swelling so that it can be sucked into the sky. The inhabitants of the city also have a flat face, and it is a mysterious space that feels like “in a dream.”

Some of the enemy’s visuals are extremely eerie, and in stage 2 set in prison, a powerful creature with an eerie design like a horror game appears. Of course, there are some stupid things, but these eerie parts are reminiscent of the original “POSTAL”.

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Since the result of “POSTAL 4: No Regerts” was quite bad (please see the play report for details), I had moderate expectations for this work, but with a solid degree of perfection that I can enjoy “POSTAL” which is a bit different from the original. , It seems that it will be a work that fans will love for a long time (If anything, it’s more interesting than the new work of the head family, I’m happy or sad …) I’d be happy if I could support Japanese in the future.

There are some unreasonable points such as being auto-saved with low physical strength and becoming almost clogged (I had to redo stage 2 because of that), but “POSTAL” fans should check it out. It is also recommended for those who are hesitant to buy “Isn’t it a miniature garden?”

There seems to be a song with Japanese lyrics
title:『POSTAL: Brain Damaged』
Compatible models:PC(Steam)

Play model in the article: PC
Release date: 2022/06/10
Author play time at the time of writing the article: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: 2,050 yen (until 7/8-15% 1,742 yen)


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