The curious fence of Gustavo Bolívar in English

Bolívar accused the police of abusing a minor and threatened them

In the debate of candidates for mayor that Semana presented, the candidate gustavo bolivar referred to the suicide of a minor in a URI in Popayán during the 2021 national strike.

The discussion took place directly with Jorge Luis Vargas, former commander of the National Policewhose proposals mostly have to do with citizen security.

The candidate Diego Molano also complained to Bolívar for having called the members of the institution “pigs”. Regarding this, the former senator said that everything was in the context of the suicide of Alison Meléndez, who would have been the victim of sexual abuse by four uniformed officers. Immediately afterwards, Bolívar gave the names of the four men.

One of them, Julián Andrés Martínez, spoke to Semana and revealed, with screenshots, that he is being the victim of persecution and threats.

“I am the first one to name. It is something that affects not only me, but my family. I personally am calm, because I know what I did. I know my proceeding,” he said.

He defended himself and maintained that Legal Medicine has not confirmed that there has been a rape by the Esmad police officers.

He added that “they send me photos on the way home, arriving at work, riding a motorcycle,” he maintains, adding that they look for him on Facebook and WhatsApp and write to him from different accounts and numbers. fear, but you don’t know how far this can go. They mention my family, my son, my wife.”


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