The curved Vivo S12 Pro gives selfies one more reason to choose it

Vivo S12 Pro hands-on

Self-portrait and thinness have always been the main selling points of Vivo’s S series phones. However, on the latest S12 Pro (the model outside the mainland seems to be V23 Pro), the manufacturer has incorporated curved elements into the series for the first time. This is obviously Vivo’s preparation for the S series to explore higher price segments. After the overall positioning of the X series has been steadily improved in the past two years, a part of the market that has been vacated has to be taken over by the S series. There must be more Things that you are willing to buy will do.

The curved screen is a good entry point. The user experience of this type of design is a different matter, but some consumers believe that the curved surface is one of the essential elements of high-end devices (except iPhone). After S12 Pro uses the hyperboloid, even if it still retains the fringe, the frontal visual impact is definitely better than the previous generation. Moreover, the curvature on both sides will make this phone, which is already only 7.36mm thinner, in terms of appearance. The 171g body is also extremely lightweight. Holding it in my hand, the author, who has been using the folding machine recently, feels relieved.

Vivo S12 Pro 動手玩

Vivo S12 Pro hands-on

In addition to the curved surface, the frosted AG glass on the back of this black S12 Pro in hand also plays a role in elevating the texture of the product. Its touch is very delicate (to a large extent it makes you ignore the plastic middle frame), and the crystal reflection of the fine particles can also make the black become less monotonous. However, Vivo’s main promotion in this series of new products is another “warm gold” color scheme. Thanks to the photochromic technology, its golden back cover will turn blue-green under sunlight (specifically, ultraviolet light). Although similar technologies have appeared on the previous models of Vivo and iQOO, this is the first time I have seen such a high-contrast color-changing combination. I believe that such a match for the female customer group targeted by the S series should have a good appeal.

Of course, the powerful self-portrait capability of this device should be more able to influence female users’ purchasing decisions. Vivo installed a combination of a 50MP selfie main camera and an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera in the bangs of the S12 Pro. The former uses a customized Samsung JNV sensor, which has the same core specifications as JN1 (0.64μm pixels), and it also has ISOCELL. The blessing of 3.0. In actual shooting, combined with Vivo’s well-received beauty and HDR algorithm, it can take beautiful photos with rich details and natural facial appearance. In a low light environment, the two soft lights hidden in the top slit can also play a good role in supplementing light. In particular, Vivo also added the option of color temperature adjustment this time, allowing you to adjust the cold and warm light according to your needs.

Vivo S12 Pro 實拍樣本

Vivo S12 Pro real shot samples

As for the rear camera combination consisting of 108MP wide-angle (ISOCELL HM2), 8MP ultra-wide-angle and 2MP macro cameras, the hardware is basically the same as the previous generation, and it is almost at a usable level in the S12 Pro price range. Also quite satisfactory are the specifications of MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor and 90Hz FHD+ screen, but consumers who choose the S series are relatively less concerned about these parts. In addition, the 44W wired charging power of this phone can only be said to be not slow. According to the short experience, the battery life provided by the 4,200mAh battery is estimated to be just enough.

Vivo S12 Pro 動手玩

Vivo S12 Pro hands-on

In general, the S12 Pro with a curved screen gives the selfie crowd who would consider the S series one more reason to choose it. The change in appearance is the easiest for consumers to perceive. It is no wonder that Vivo has the confidence to launch the third wave of new products at the end of the year, given that it has updated the S series for two rounds this year.


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