the-dancing-expo | ‘Dancing Expo’; A meeting place for dance varieties

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With the exception of the world-famous samba dance during the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, Chacha, Bosa Nova, Tango and Salsa were all new experiences. Most of the dance performances from India from Bharatanatyam to Kolkata were performed on the stage near the Indian pavilion. Many came to the venues as part of a weekly celebration specially given to each state. There are many more to come on stage in the coming days. These include tribal dances from the north-eastern states, unique dances from Jammu and Kashmir, as well as folk dances and kolkali from Kerala. The list of Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Manipuri Danes, Kathak, Kathakali, Mohaniyattam and Kuchupudi is long.

The unique dances of the Gulf Every day at the Expo venues, traditional dances performed for centuries at festivals and other events in various Gulf countries. On the opening day of the Expo, guests are welcomed and there are fewer people who do not see Arab dances at the fair, which is present on every special occasion. The stick-holding dance known as Al Ayyala and Al Ayala, the yola known as the dance of Dubai, and the liva performed at weddings all took the stage.



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