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The Danish Museum demands a refund of 2 million baht. The artist submits only works. “Blank Canvas”

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The Danish Museum demands a refund of 2 million – On September 30, the BBC reported that the Kunsten Museum of Denmark wants Danish artist Jens Haaning to return about 534,000 kroner in cash. or about 2 million baht back to the museum

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After this artist was commissioned by the museum to create art using banknotes. Which represents the annual salary in Denmark and Austria, repeating 2 more pieces, but collecting large sums. and create art as a blank canvas with the name of the work “Take the Money and Run” (Take the Money and Run)

Credit: Jens Ziehe/Courtesy Sabsay Gallery

Lesser Anderson, director of the museum in Olborough. in an interview with the BBC that “This artist evokes feelings for the curator staff and me a little. But I laughed too because it was really funny.” The money paid must be refunded when the exhibition ends. because it is the money of the museum and has a contract stating that it will return on January 16 next year

Credit: Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg

However, Mr Honing, 56, insisted on keeping the money to himself. And in an interview with local media, dr.dk said, “The job is to get paid. I encourage others with miserable working conditions like me. Do the same as me,” and added that creating various works. Resurrecting yourself in the past will cost yourself 25,000 kroner or around 96,500 baht.

But Anderson told the BBC that Denied Mr Honing’s claim that The museum did not agree to pay him a fair amount. “We just signed an agreement with the Danish Artist Association. which offers to pay artists when they are exhibiting And I think the artists have a problem haggling with each other.”

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