The Darfur Bar Association and its partners: A list of names of victims of the aerial bombardment on the city of Nyala on Wednesday 9/13/2023 AD

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful
Darfur Bar Association and its partners
(Follow-ups 177)
A list of names of victims of the aerial bombardment on the city of Nyala on Wednesday 9/13/2023 AD:
1/ Aladdin Saleh Muhammad – The High Dam.
2/ Wali al-Din Jamal Hassan.
3/ Ramzi – Musiyah neighborhood.
4/ Al-Borai Muhammad Abdel Nabi – Karari East Al-Faniya.
5/ Taloot Muhammad Abdel Nabi – Karari Sharq Al-Faniya.
6/ Shaima Al-Taher Al-Helou – Al-Wadi District East – (Veterinary).
7/ Mayada Omar – Korea District.
8/ Shazli Muhammad Haren – residence in Al-Tadamon neighborhood – place of martyrdom, Souq Al-Malja.
9/. Moaz Hassan Adam – Al-Wadi neighborhood, west of the place of martyrdom, Souq Al-Malja.
10/ Ahmed Hamdallah Ahmed Rajab
Living in Al-Thawra neighborhood, the place of martyrdom
Shelter Market/Omdurman parking lot.
11/ Suleiman Adam Muhammad, Masnaa neighborhood, place of martyrdom, Al-Malja.
12/ Kawthar Hassan Mahmoud – Al-Wahda.
13/ Moataz Hammad – Al-Wahda.
14/ Ahmed Hammad – Al-Wahda.
15/ Fayhaa Jamal Hassan – Al-Wahda.
16/ Ayman Adam Musa – Al-Wahda.
17/ Fatima Azraq Hassan – Al-Wahda.
18/ Adam Musa – Al-Wahda.
19-26 (charred bodies whose owners were not identified).
Citizens testified that the indiscriminate aerial bombardment was carried out by the army and incendiary explosive materials were used, but the Commission did not obtain testimonies about their type.
* The Commission condemns and denounces in the strongest terms these grave violations against innocent people and calls on both sides of the war to move military operations away from markets and citizens’ homes and to abide by international humanitarian law and human rights.
* The Commission believes that this war, with such methods used and arbitrary killings, leads to harmful results for the entire Sudanese society and the state, and also goes in the direction of perpetuating local wars, especially in Darfur, and the collapse of the state apparatus in the capital and the states.
* The Commission renews its demand for both parties to immediately stop the ongoing senseless war and spare the country from further devastation, destruction, displacement, homelessness and mass asylum.
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