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The dark suspense game “Little Nightmares” is free for a limited time! | XFastest News

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“Little Nightmares”, the first generation of “Little Nightmares 2” played by many live broadcasters a while ago, is free at the time of the Steam limit! The event is until 10:00 am on May 30th, and interested players remember to take the time to claim it!


“Little Nightmares” Steam page

game introduction


Place yourself in a dark-style whimsical story—the world of Little Nightmares, and face your childhood nightmare! Greed Jaw ─ ─ is a huge and mysterious ship, and the corrupt soul entrenched in it is planning to have a feast, and help Xiao Liu escape from it.
After slowly exploring, you will find that this frightening unknown environment not only includes prisons to escape, but also many places where secrets can be unearthed.
Regain your childlike innocence, liberate your imagination, and find your way out!







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