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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! I look forward to working with you again this year.

For this year’s edition, we selected the special color Red Bull Honda RB16B that fought in the F1 Turkish GP. Originally scheduled to be unveiled at the F1 Japan GP, ​​this design uses the white motif of the “RA272” that Honda won for the first time in F1, and the message “Thank you” in Japanese is posted on the rear wing. I think the successful partnership between Red Bull and Honda F1 was aggregated.

The 2021 F1 World Championship was a dramatic season. Red Bull Honda’s Max Verstappen made a comeback in the final lap of the final round to win the drivers’ title. It was the last time for Honda F1 which became the last year.

Honda F1 is not the only one leaving F1. Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 F1 World Champion who started in 349 races, the most in F1 history, retired from F1. In addition, the current F1 machine and 13-inch tires, which changed to a wide and low form in 2017, have also been put off.

And in 2022, F1 will enter a new era. The next-generation F1 car will be transformed into a grand effect car, aiming for a spectacular race where machines can easily follow each other and there are many overtakes. Currently, all the show cars that were shown at the F1 British Grand Prix are all, but each F1 team will gather all their strength to change the power map and interpret the new F1 regulation to create a machine.

Honda will withdraw from F1, but at the heart of Red Bull and AlphaTauri will be the power unit developed by Honda again this year. For Yuki Tsunoda, who is in his second year, it should be a season in which the true value is questioned.

The new coronavirus has not yet converged, but we will continue to deliver a lot of news in 2022, hoping that Honda’s engine sound will reverberate at the Suzuka Circuit this year and the motorsport world will flourish.

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