The debate over the ‘insanity’ explanation spread… Approval rate is back to 20%

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Let’s talk a little more with Kim Jae-kyung, a reporter from the political team.

Reporter Kim, I didn’t say it was President Biden, I said ‘if I blow it,’ but after the explanation from the president’s office came out, I heard it again today several times.

It seems that interest in that statement is rather growing?

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Yes That is correct.

At midnight yesterday, after Kim Eun-hye, senior head of public relations, gave an explanation, the number of searches for the comment on the Internet increased.

This is because the number of cases of repeatedly listening to the video to confirm the reality of ‘President Yoon’s profane comments’ is increasing.

The issue is whether it sounds like a biden or a blown one.

MBC tried to remove as much noise and noise from the original recording of the profanity as possible.

To eliminate bias, we will listen to the audience without subtitles.

Let’s listen.

How was it?

Most of the media reported that the subject was ‘Biden’ when this comment first appeared.

The president’s office says, “If you don’t, you can’t help but trust the explanation of the president’s office even though you don’t know the power of the people.”

The people responsible for the decision.

What is clear is that President Yoon’s inappropriate comments are causing a wasteful debate that need not be made.

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Principal Kim Eun-hye is said to have asked the president directly.

I mean, I was using profanity towards the Democrats, but President Yoon asked for the cooperation of our National Assembly in the field?

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Shortly after explaining that the target of the blasphemy was the Democratic Party, President Yoon posted on SNS in New York.

Korea agreed to donate 100 million dollars to the Global Fund, and wrote, “I look forward to the active cooperation of the Korean National Assembly.”

The opposition, the Democrats, are absurd.

It is difficult to understand whether it is possible to ask for cooperation without a word of apology for swearing, and I protest that it has become clear how I have thought and treated the opposition in this debate.

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Power of the People Some say the media should refrain from reporting profanity for the benefit of the country?

How should I look?

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Yes, some leaders and lawmakers are taking the initiative and speaking out.

Reporting President Yoon’s profane comments does not serve the national interest, so it should be stopped.

However, this was not a problem that could be solved by not reporting.

Even before the report came out, the accompanying video was spreading through social media.

Also, refraining from reporting is a serious violation of freedom of speech and expression under the Constitution.

In the Democratic Party, criticism is being raised that this is a completely different course to the value of freedom emphasized by President Yoon, and that it was an idea during the dictatorship.

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By the way, did the poll results show that President Yoon’s approval rating has dropped again?

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Yes, Gallup Korea conducted a poll of 1,000 adults nationwide for three days from the 20th to yesterday.

Look at the results.

28% of the respondents answered that President Yoon is doing a good job, and 61% said he is doing it wrong.

Although within the margin of error compared to a week ago, the positive evaluation fell by 5 percentage points and came back down to the 20% level.

It is understood that the controversy surrounding the construction of the new hotel and the curfew of the journey is affecting him.

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Isn’t the debate about profanity this time included in this poll?

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It was included on the last day, but had little effect.

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this is the last day

Reporter Jaekyung Kim, I heard you right.

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