The deceased inspector was confirmed After being shot by the police for 3 points, the doctor continued his life.

The inspector was confirmed dead After being shot by the police on 3 points on the left chest, left arm stick and left upper leg of a life saving doctor

of the events of chaos that happened since yesterday, in the case of manic mania shooting at the home in the Sai Mai area. Who knew the name later was Pol. Lt. Col. Kittikarn, aged 51, or Inspector Kan, who belongs to the Center for the Development of Peace and Order, where the criminal spoke about beliefs about God and Satan. who talk to psychologists who went in to talk, it still didn’t work Cause the officers to come back and carefully assess the situation before using the next strategy

Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat head of national police traveled to the site of the accident with the group to assess the situation and plan joint action And speak to the culprits via mobile phone in the native language of the North. which seemed quieter than last night

Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, emphasized that the police did not hope to take the life of the criminals in this operation. which caused the release of many hours of time To show perpetrators that the police are sincere and do not want to use force or violence. Because if there is a loss, it won’t be worth it.

Later, around 12.10 pm, Arintharat Special Operations Unit 26 used tactics to invade the house from the 2nd floor by throwing a smoke bomb to open the road to the area. There were then more than 50 gunshots, then the attacker jumped out of the window with a weapon and a knife. before finally collapsing and being arrested by the authorities Later, an ambulance rushed to take the injured to Bhumibol Hospital. Later, the Pol Gen confirmed. Torsak Sukwimol, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, that the injured are being taken to hospital. is Inspector Kan, the criminal

There are additional reports that the perpetrator received 3 injuries on the left chest area. left arm stick and left upper leg The officer was not injured. The forensics department and investigators then cleared the area. Many 9mm shell casings were found inside the house. and find a knife weapon while the national police chief has instructed the Chief of Police Gen. Atthaphon Anusit, head of the Metropolitan Police 2, to take care of the damage to people’s houses and inspect it. for further help and healing

The Maj Gen revealed. Arkayaon Kraithong, police spokesman, the case. Lieutenant Colonel Kittikarn Sangboon, the inspector of the Special Branch, was angry about the shooting of a gun in a house in the Sai Mai area, saying that the Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, Chief Police Commander, thanked and praised the officers who were working. and every cooperative unit that helped the event go well And thanks to the people on the spot who gave a standing ovation to encourage all the operators. be seen as morale for work

As for the inspector, the culprit has unusual symptoms. not caused by work pressure and ready to heal all those affected Recently, in the evening, it was reported that Inspector Kan is still alive, with the Bhumibol Hospital medical team performing heart pumps until the pulse returns.

However, there is confirmation from Pol, Col. Rangsan Sornsing, Superintendent of Saimai Police Station area owner said that Inspector Kan died at 9:47 pm