The decision not to renew the work permit may be revoked

The decision not to renew the work permits of non-graduates over the age of 60 in Kuwait may be revoked. The Fatwa Legislation Committee under the Kuwaiti Cabinet has ruled that the decision taken by the Manpower Authority is not valid.

The Fatwa Legislative Council of the Kuwaiti cabinet rejected the decision, saying it was not within the jurisdiction of the Manpower Authority to announce new rules or procedures related to work permits. With the announcement of the Legislative Council, the long-running concerns and uncertainties in the matter have come to an end, the Alrai daily reported.

Last August, the Manpower Authority took a major decision regarding foreigners’ work permits in the wake of population adjustment measures. It was decided that the work permit would not be renewed for foreigners with a Higher Secondary Certificate or below who are 60 years of age or older.

The order was issued by amending Article 29 of the Labor Act, 2018. The Manpower Authority was willing to renew the iqama by charging an annual fee of 2,000 dinars, following opposition from various quarters. The Chamber of Commerce had also come out against the decision of the Manpower Authority


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